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Kyle On: What’s on My Agenda this Week

Thu, September 14, 2017

As early as I try to plan, this is what my week was SUPPOSED to look like, however, Hurricane Irma had different plans for us! We ended up rescheduling everything on Monday in order to hunker down at home to ride out the storm. But as we were waiting for Irma to arrive, we realized that Tallahassee was spared from the worst parts of the storm. The most we got was a few small trees and branches down along with some power outages, but compared to the devastation we were expecting and the storm’s impact throughout the state and southeastern U.S., we consider ourselves very lucky. Our team is thankful that we are all safe and the impact was minimal – we are praying for all of those affected.

While we were deep in hurricane prep mode this past weekend, Warren & I stocked up on WAY too much food, including Mexican, so we’ll still be indulging in another Taco Tuesday this week. My favorite! And being out on Monday caused quite a bit of “catch-up” that was needed at work. In times like this where you feel like your to-do list is a mile long, I’m glad we’ve implemented a “Working Wednesday” at Coton Colors. It’s our one day during the week where all meetings are canceled so we can get as much done as possible. It was great to return to the office after the hurricane knowing we have a full day with nothing scheduled to get things done!

In times like this seeing the devastation an event like this causes, it may not always be easy to find a reason to celebrate, but since our motto is to never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day, we are celebrating so many people coming together to help each other and support each other in preparations and recovery from the hurricane. The sense of community we’ve witnessed is so heartwarming and uplifting! We are praying for all who have been affected and hope for relief.



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