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Kyle On: Using Bowls in Your Home

Wed, February 8, 2017

I love finding new ways to update our home periodically, and it can be as simple as using the pieces that you already have and transitioning those pieces into accents around your home. My latest obsession for ecorating around our house is using the many bowls Warren and I have been collecting. {Okay, maybe it’s more so just me collecting rather than Warren!}. Using our bowls as multi-functional pieces allows me to conserve space while, at the same time, having a styled coffee table, shelf or pantry!

Here are a few tips on how I style my home using these functional pieces.

1. Using my larger bowls for décor is essential in my tiny house. My favorite Loop De Loo Pasta Bowl sits on my coffee table daily and is a useful catch-all for remotes, magazines or mail. When having friends over, I can grab the bowl from it’s home and use it to serve up a large salad or in the case of our sushi night the other night, fried rice! {see photos from our homemade sushi night here}. When it’s done with dish duty, back to the table it goes!


2. Bowls can double function as decorative storage to hide knick knacks, or used as a catch-all near a doorway. I love having this bowl right at my back door, preventing me from ever losing my keys!


3. When stacked and layered with items such as picture frames, art, or sculptures, bowls create a purposeful block of color on a shelf or bookcase, and again, can be grabbed for impromptu entertaining.


4. They can also function as a vase or flower pot - check back for tips on how you can make a weekend project for this!



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