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Kyle On: Throw Your Own Backyard Dinner Al Fresco

Thu, September 8, 2016


A few years ago, my mom, Aunt Marcie and I took a trip to Spain. It trip was filled with olive oil tasting, touring different parts of the country, and amazing food. It was on this trip that we fell in love with the Spanish tradition of small bites. Each night our dinners lasted hours as we laughed and reminisced on the adventures we experienced that day. And it was this same trip that we were inspired to create our current Tapas Collection after experiencing the way the Spanish celebrated each meal and the time they had with one another…why can’t all meals be like that?

Warren and I love to host gatherings at our home and I can honestly say there isn’t a celebration that goes by that different pieces from the Tapas Collection isn’t being put to good use! A few weeks ago, we hosted a backyard dinner al fresco, celebrating with friends and toasting the end of summer! After a long day at the office I was worried I wouldn’t have time to create the perfect table setting before all my guests arrived, but my Tapas pieces made throwing this celebration together quick and simple! There are a few things to keep in mind when throwing together a night with friends.

1.Mix and match your dishes: One of my favorite things about our Tapas pieces are their versatility. My guests are constantly asking me “Is this new?” By simply swapping out an appetizer bowl and spreader, you are able to create a completely new tablescape. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

2.Create Versatility: One thing I love doing is cutting the meats and cheeses in different shapes. This creates interest and uniqueness to the spread and its super easy to do!

3.Organize your tastings: I always try to keep each item grouped together in one location. By doing so you are able to see when you are low on something, and easily replenish it {making you the perfect hostess}!

Hope these tips help you host the perfect backyard dinner al fresco! Be sure to tag #cotoncolors in all your celebration photos - we love to see how you put together your own celebrations!



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