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Styling Your Bar Cart

Fri, December 29, 2017

The bar cart is an entertaining necessity, adding the right amount of sophistication to any room. During the holiday season, a bar cart is the most functional entertaining tool for any occasion, whether it’s having guests over for a morning cup of cocoa or a New Years Eve soirée.

Bar carts have been a popular home décor item for decades, and as most trends do, they have made a comeback…in a BIG way! While the concept and main function of the bar cart have remained the same, the creative transformations that bar carts have the potential for is what resident designer, Kyle Johnson Smith, thinks makes them so popular. Most bar carts have small silhouettes, and some even have wheels, which makes them seem less “permanent” in terms of filling and styling, and therefore perhaps less intimidating. Kyle offers 6 tips for styling your bar cart for any season.

We’ve had our bar cart for some time now, and I love transitioning it from season to season and styling it with new finds. Here’s a list of must-haves that are always on my bar cart and help me style it. - Kyle

1. Keep an assortment of bottles in lots of colors and shapes. I love adding interest with decanters and bottles that I’ve found at recent estate sales!

2. Display eclectic bottle openers – they can be both decorative and easily accessible. My go-to right now is a copper corkscrew I got as a wedding present.

3. Always have a handful of cocktail napkins. Right now I have a stack of hand-embroidered Otomi cocktail napkins that my husband, Warren, and I picked up while we were on our honeymoon in Los Cabos.

4. I love using a collection of small bowls that multi-function as a place for fresh garnishes or a collection of wine corks or bottle caps.

5. Have a variety of drinking glasses on hand. They allow guests to pick their preference when pouring themselves a drink! An assortment of vintage glasses and some I found at Anthropologie and Fitz&Floyd are what’s sitting on mine now.

6. Consider adding in smaller scale art, plants or fresh flowers to further enhance the personality of your cart while breathing life into it!


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