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Kyle On: Inspiration Behind Our NEW Happy Everything! Agenda

Wed, May 17, 2017

Our new Happy Everything! Agendas are finally here! When designing this agenda, I was inspired by my own life and how I keep track of the many going-ons in my personal and busy work world. After years of keeping track of projects, events, and tasks in my agenda, I took my favorite uses and features I wanted and used it to design the Happy Everything! Agenda. With new designs and great organizational features, we have three new agenda patterns that you are guaranteed to love.  

Here are a few of the reasons I love the Happy Everything! Agenda:

Month Tabs:

I want to be able to flip directly to the time of year I’m looking for, so tabs were a must. Each of these fun tabs is hand drawn and/or created by designers in our Design Center! Each month features a happy quote on the back of each page to get your month started off with a little happy!


Month at a Glance Pages:

 I plan so far in advance, that this was another must have. BONUS, the month before and month after are snuck in at the bottom for reference!

Week at a Glance Pages:

Writing Space:

I have larger handwriting, and I like to write everything I do, so I didn’t want to skimp out on the space allotted for scheduling each day. Best part, I hardly ever run out of room!


Raise your hand if you’re a list maker like me! I always struggled to find an agenda that had enough room for me to write out my grocery list and what other lists I need to make, like my photo shoot prop list {which let me tell you, can be a long one!}.  That is why we included not one, but TWO list sections on our weekly pages. Just like many of yours, my lists will change from week to week, depending on what events are taking place – hence why we didn’t title the lists. You’re free to use them for whatever you want, and they can change from week to week. A few of my favorite uses for these lists are for work to-dos vs. personal to-dos, dinner party menus, pack lists for trips, photo shoot props and grocery lists.

Happy Notes:

There is ALWAYS something fun I want to remember from the week, whether it was the name of a new favorite wine, or a new song to download. This is the perfect place to capture it!

What made me happy this week:

 I keep all my agendas and love reminiscing on the year (and years past!). This space is special and encourages me to make sure I’m choosing happy each week and taking note so I don’t forget where I was at that point in my life.

Time to change my attachment to:

I have a confession to make. Even though it’s so simple to change the attachment on my Happy Everything! platter at home, I tend to easily forget to change it for special occasions or celebrations throughout the week. This space allows me to plan ahead so I don’t forget to change it, and that way I get to use more of the fun attachments I’ve collected over the years!

17 Months:

I mentioned needing to plan pretty far ahead, especially for appointments and my work life, so a 17-month agenda is a necessity for me. Even though I get excited to get a new one in August, it’s so helpful to have all the pre-planned dates through December to transfer over to my new agenda so I’m well prepared!


I keep my agenda in my purse, which goes with me everywhere. Every agenda has a back pocket, which I use to store receipts I need to track, invitations for upcoming events, and paperwork I need to travel with. It’s so beneficial having everything in one place.


Elastic Band:

Since I carry my agenda with me pretty much at all times, the elastic band is the only thing that keeps my agenda protected and it’s contents securely fastened {so they don’t end up in the black hole that seems to be my purse! ☺}

I hope you find the Happy Everything! Agenda just as useful as I do. I’d love to see your favorite features and how you use it in your everyday life. Make sure you tag #myhappyeverything in all your agenda photos when they arrive later this month! 

- Kyle Johnson Smith


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