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Kyle on: Graduation Gifts

Mon, April 20, 2015


I love gifting just as much, if not more, than getting. There’s something about picking out a gift that you know the receiver is going to love. It makes me happy. With graduation season quickly approaching, I thought I would share my go-to gifts for 2015 grads. These gifts are excellent for high school and college grads alike!

First up are our collegiate ornaments. This is the perfect gift for any graduate. Any high school grad would be super excited to get something with their new school’s colors and mascot. They’re also a great something special for a college grad. It’s something they’ll always have to remind them of a memorable four years and a huge accomplishment. Gift our ornament stand with your ornament so they can display their school spirit year round.

A high school graduate will most likely be pulling some all-nighters in college… studying of course! And for that college grad joining the work force – they’ll be kissing 11am classes goodbye and saying hello to early mornings at the office. The common theme here of course is they’ll both need coffee and will need to be sipping it from a super-cute mug. That’s where Coton Colors comes in. I LOVE our zebra ruffle mug. It’s sassy and stylish and a must-have to brighten anyone’s day.

Whether the grad in your life is moving into a dorm, or moving out of their college digs and into a more sophisticated pad, our jade serving tray is the perfect gift. It’s versatility and sleek style makes it a go-to piece for anything from serving tapas to storing jewelry and keys.

And the VERY best part about all three of these gifts? They’re able to be personalized which really does make them just the best gifts ever.

Happy gifting!


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