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Kyle On: Five Textures You Should Have On Your Shelves

Wed, April 12, 2017

Mastering the art of shelf styling can be tricky. With many of my friends getting married and moving into new homes, I’m often asked how to style book cases and shelves in their living spaces. Incorporating multiple textures is a way to add interest and depth to the display while showcasing your personality. After years of practice, I have found five textures that you should always incorporate to achieve artistically styled shelves.


1. Paper: Books are a staple for any styled shelf. Choose spine colors within your color palette to stack together, or turn them around to highlight the natural shades of the books pages.

2. Wood: Don’t be scared to mix different finishes of wood within the same shelving unit - this will add dimension. Wood boxes also make great risers, bookends or blocks of color to break up an otherwise busy area.

3. Natural: Layering in a shed antler adds a playful yet unusual shape and complements the other natural materials. Don’t have a spare antler lying around? Add a straw or woven basket.


4. Ceramic: The glossy, glazed finish of pottery adds a bright touch to any shelf. Larger shapes can stand alone or with a few smaller trinkets to ground the display. Smaller accent pieces can create different compositions to fill in the holes on the shelves as well.


5. Living: Add life to a shelf by adding a plant. There are so many indoor plants in all different fun shapes and colors that easily match any aesthetic you’ve chosen. Some of my favorites are orchids, cacti, and indoor ferns. Here, we used dusty miller, which is not technically an indoor plant, but it sure made for a pretty picture! ;)


I hope these textures give you an idea on what you should be gathering to style your bookcase or the shelving in your home. Start collecting these textures now and stay tuned for a future blog post on how to style them in your home!



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