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Kyle on: Family Dinners

Wed, January 28, 2015

We’ve declared 2015 the Year of Celebrations – both big and small. Sometimes a less extravagant celebration, like a family dinner, is just the type of celebration that the doctor ordered. And so that’s what we did.

Whenever we’re in Atlanta, we’re almost ALWAYS lucky enough to get an invite to my cousin Taylor’s house for dinner. She makes an amazing dinner and always does such a fun tablescape. It’s the perfect atmosphere for us to sip some wine, chat and enjoy each other’s company. We all LOVE talking home décor (as we all like to change ours frequently) and admiring the latest paintings on display by our artists in the family. My sister, Sara Kate, and my cousin Courtney are both known among our family and friends for their incredible artwork, and my mom is known for admiring it so much so that she removes it from the wall where it’s hanging and takes the piece of art home with her to put in her own house. Needless to say, my mom’s house is now full of family artwork.

We had the best time celebrating just being together. And Taylor made a beer-braised pot roast that was to die for. (You really should try it. It’s perfect for these cold January nights.) It’s amazing what a little wine and a great meal with family does for the soul.

And I had to snap a couple cell phone pictures of the artwork in Taylor’s house. Sara Kate and Courtney both sure know how to work a paint brush.





Kyle Johnson, Product Design Manager and daughter of Coton Colors founding Artist, Laura Johnson. Kyle blogs about her inspirations, style staples and design favorites.


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