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Kyle On: Egg Painting for Easter

Tue, March 3, 2015


Disclaimer – I love painting Easter eggs. And it was during my trip to Prague that I was totally inspired to create our new Easter egg attachment. Have you seen it yet? If not, you can check it out HERE. Everywhere I went in Prague, I saw the most beautiful, ornately painted eggs. The details, the colors, and just everything about them was truly breathtaking. You might be thinking, “can an egg really be breathtaking?” I’m here to tell ya it can. Check out this picture of some of the gorgeous eggs we saw on our travels.

Getting together with family to paint Easter eggs is such a fun way to welcome spring, spread your artistic wings, and spend some quality time with those you love most. My sister, Sarah, and I decided to do a little practicing to get prepped for our annual egg painting party that’s coming up later this month. My plan was to incorporate some of the designs I saw on my trip, and I think we nailed it.


My mom’s chickens lay brown eggs, so that’s what we had on hand for painting but I really loved the way they looked decked out with white paint. That’s the thing I love about decorating Easter eggs - there are so many fun options that don’t involve the traditional box of egg dye and plastic wraps. Just get yourself a couple skinny paintbrushes, a paint pen or two, a dab of glue, some glitter and go to town. I’d love to hear how you’re planning on decorating your Easter eggs this year. Leave a comment with your ideas. Also, today and tomorrow ONLY, spend $75 or more and you’ll get our egg platter (pictured above and below!) FREE! Our egg platter is perfect for serving deviled eggs, offering a pretty way to store your eggs in the refrigerator, a paint palette, or displaying your decorated eggs!


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