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Kyle On: Designing for St. Jude

Wed, September 21, 2016


15 years ago, my mom was initially tapped to design custom products for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help provide inspiration and happiness to supporters and patients. Since then, I have begun to help my mom design the products and pieces for St. Jude, and as a result my love for the hospital has grown immensely. The pieces we design for St. Jude are always some of my favorites to work on each year. Not only do I love that every piece created is sold to bring awareness to St. Jude and the work they do, but the products and designs are often inspired by the artwork of patients treated at St. Jude.

When I began designing this year’s Limited-Edition Inspire Happy Mug, I wanted to create something meaningful not only for the kids but for everyone who has been touched by this disease. As the name of this mug states, these words are meant to inspire those who have been affected by Childhood Cancer, and bring people happiness during a time they need it most. On the mug, the word faith represents our unwavering belief that there will be a cure for this disease. I also chose to use the word joy because that is what we hope to bring those children to help them fight this disease. These words are the promises as a company we have made to St. Jude in our commitment to them, and hope that you’ll help to share happy, too by purchasing this special mug!

We hope this mug inspires you in these same ways, just as we hope it inspires those who are affected by Childhood Cancer. Share with us below how you plan to #inspirehappy with others this September during Childhood Cancer Awareness month.


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