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Kyle: Behind the Design of Emerald

Fri, April 20, 2018

As we’ve recently launched our new Emerald line for the world to see, I’d like to think its green and white color combination joins the other timeless classics, like blue and white (another personal favorite), that serve up unlimited possibilities and inspiration. You’ll find it’s a good baseline “blank” canvas to build out a beautiful tablescape or room décor. I love that its colors and patterns transition well from season to season – from an outdoor spring party to Christmas dinner paired with other holiday favorites. It also mixes well with both modern and traditional pieces. While I wouldn’t say it necessarily served as inspiration for the line, I will say I’m excited to pair these pieces with my own wedding china, which features a delicate green floral design (Chinese Bouquet in green by Herend). 

While the line is called “emerald,” the colors in the line are a variation of green, from mint to jade and onto the darker emerald and pine. Each one adding depth and a modern feel to the pieces. When trying to create the perfect green hues, we took inspiration from the various greens found in nature and vintage glass, among other things. For the patterns, I wanted to experiment with organic and geometric shapes, and I couldn’t resist adding in metallic gold to enhance the jewel tones. The patterns work together creating a balance for easy layering. 

Designing a line of emerald has been swirling around in my head for some time and as we began playing with these color variation and patterns, I was excited to see the same passion for it in our Coton Colors Crew. It’s been out for a few weeks now, and I gather from its sales that you love it too! 



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