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Kyle: A Mother’s Day Gift

Fri, April 27, 2018

My sisters and I all agree that our mom is a hard person to shop for. When she finds something she really likes, she goes ahead and buys it for herself. Rarely, we'll catch her saying "I really need…" or "I really want…." and we'll have to make a quick note about it for the next holiday, birthday, etc. 

When I was engaged, I knew I wanted to get something very special for Mom for the wedding day to thank her for such a beautiful wedding, and for being such a great mom! I decided on a vintage gold charm bracelet with the perfect charm - an hourglass timer filled with diamond sand that actually flowed from end to end. Since our wedding was on New Year's Eve, we used the phrase "the countdown is on!”, so I thought the hourglass would be perfectly fitting.

Since that day in 2015, we've strategized which vintage gold charms to get for her and for which occasions (gotta keep her on her toes!). We have so much fun hunting down the perfect ones to fit a particular celebration from the year, a milestone, or even a trip. Since the wedding, she’s also added some gold charms from her childhood into the mix, which have filled up her bracelet a bit more. It has really turned into a unique collection fit for her personality.

[Mom - spoiler alert] For this Mother's Day, we've picked out the perfect charm, and we can't wait to add it to the collection. We love you, Mom!


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