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Kyle: 2018 Art with Heart

Sun, February 4, 2018

It’s finally that time of year again when we get to reveal our Art with Heart Attachment design! For those of you that don’t know, each year we design a limited edition attachment for our Art with Heart campaign to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. {You can read all about our partnership here.}

St. Jude is so near and dear to the heart of Coton Colors, and I love getting to create these limited edition pieces each year. The design is always a heart and always benefits St. Jude.

In recent years we started using actual patient art from the children at St. Jude to inspire the pattern of the attachments. You may recall that we design custom products for St. Jude’s gift shop and a lot of those are inspired by patients' art, but it’s only been recent years that we’ve applied it here. I love taking the sweet sketches, paintings, and crayon drawings and incorporating them into something that is so popular and special for our customers. In fact, the past few years our customers have stepped up to help St. Jude so much the designs have sold out before the campaign ended!

As you can see, this year’s design features a layered heart pattern in a variety of shades of pink and red with a pop of metallic gold detail. It works well for celebrating date night, wedding anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day AND benefits the patients of St. Jude all in one! Preorder yours before they are gone!


Purchase the 2018 Limited Edition Art with Heart Attachment and 50% of the retail price will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®.


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