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International Artists Day: A spotlight on the artists of Coton Colors

Sun, October 23, 2016


Since childhood, Coton Colors Founding Artist, Laura Johnson, has had a passion for creating. Her eye for timeless aesthetics and a fierce entrepreneurial spirit led her to begin hand-painting cotton clothing, and (ta-da!) Coton Colors was born.

Whether our designers are creating a new collection, or the marketing team is developing a new campaign, creativity is always flowing (hence why it’s one of the core values of our company!). While we have a dedicated creative team, every department at our corporate office is filled with amazing artists. We mean it- from the sales team, all the way to our web managers; our office is filled with rockstar talent.

Meet a few members from our team below and hear what they have to say about the creative environment here at Coton Colors.

Hi everyone! My name is Kyle Johnson Smith and I am the Design Manager at Coton Colors. Art has been a huge inspiration in my life ever since I was a little girl- since I literally grew up with Coton Colors! I love working with all the members of our creative team and collaborating with them, it’s an inspiration to me every day! When I am not in the middle of designing our new product line or styling photoshoots, I love painting. Many of the abstract paintings around our corporate office were done by my sister, Sara Kate and I- take a look!



Hey guys, my name is Elizabeth Anderson and I am a designer at Coton Colors! I have always admired art ever since I was young and have always loved creating whether it was painting, drawing, sculpture or something else. Art has always been a passion of mine, which led to my degrees in both Literature and Fine Art. Being a designer with Coton Colors I work on product design, photography, and many more things along with the rest of the team! It is an amazing thing to get to create wonderful products alongside so many passionate and driven people! Every day at Coton Colors is a different adventure. Whether we are designing product, preparing a photoshoot or creating a merchandising display we are constantly on the move.



Hey y’all, my name is Christie and I’m a graphic designer here at Coton Colors! Although my main role is graphic design and application, I really enjoy physical art media such as drawing and painting. One of my favorite things I have the pleasure of doing are our weekly “CC Chalk Talk” posts that you may have seen on our instagram every Friday. This allows me to step back from the computer and play with handwritten typography, which is a blast! My favorites to date are “hello fall”, “happiness looks gorgeous on you” and “wake up & smell the inspiration”. When you are around so many creative minds and beautiful designs, work is easy and the inspiration is ever flowing!



Hi everyone, I’m Sara Kate and I do all the photography for Coton Colors. I love being a photographer because it allows me to see things in new and unique ways. Surprisingly, you get to work with your hands a lot in photography; its very creative work and you can be as crazy as you like to get that perfect shot. I’m always forced to change perspectives and think outside the box, so every day is different. When I step away from the camera I love painting watercolor! Check out the watercolors I did for my sister, Kyle’s wedding below!


Hi! My name is Rachel Amy, and I am a Sales Representative for Coton Colors. My job is to spread the goodness of Coton Colors to locally owned boutiques throughout the country. When you get to work with creative and passionate people, its hard not to take some of that energy home. When I am not traveling with Coton Colors, I love to channel that passion into artwork for my home. It is a daily reminder to never miss an opportunity to create a happy environment for yourself.


Hi, I’m Samantha Pappas and I work remotely as the Coton Colors Web Manager. Most days you can find me behind the computer, managing the Coton Colors website and launching our new products on the web. But when I have the chance to step away from the computer, I love painting. When I get the chance to paint, my dog, Molly, and the beautiful scenery of Maine always inspire me.



Take a look at some of the pieces our rockstar employees have created and follow us on instagram to keep up with all the creativity flowing at the Coton Colors Corporate Office.


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