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How To Plant In Our Bowls

Tue, March 19, 2019

We love to design with multifunction in mind - in fact, we created an entire online shop dedicated to showing you how to use our products in different ways. {You can see it here.} One of our favorite multi-purpose pieces is our bowls! We love to use them for serving family dishes at dinner, storing costume jewelry in our bedrooms, as catch-alls in the office… but most of all, we love using them as planters!

There's no better time to get potting than spring. Although our bowls are not equipped for drainage {as in, no holes at the bottom of our ceramics to let water seep out of the soil}, we have mastered the art of planting in just about anything. Read below for a step-by-step guide to planting in our bowls.

Step 1: Choose a bowl or container to fit the plant, you'll want to make sure your bowl is clean and you have fresh new soil {We like Miracle Grow Potting Soil}. Also, make sure the bowl size is in balance with the plant size, remember the plant is going to grow.

Step 2: Layer rocks into the bottom of the bowl. This is going to allow water to drain from the soil and away from the plant's roots. Not all plants like wet feet.

Step 3: Add a coffee filter on top of the rocks. Depending on the size of the bowl, you may need to use more than one. This keeps the soil from falling into the cracks of the rocks. The filter will naturally disintegrate with time and by then the roots of your plant will have grown and the soil will be nicely packed.

Step 4: Add soil halfway up the pot and then place the plant in it, finding the most pleasing position. Continue to fill in with soil around the plant.

Step 5: Lightly water your plant. A little goes a long way! Remember that when watering a plant in a pot without drainage, the soil is going to hold every drop. Continue care based on the plant's direction or needs.

Bonus Step: To accessorize, you can top the soil with gray or green moss or rocks based on the look you want.

Note: Keep your non-drainage potted plants indoors! It's hard to regulate the amount of water caught in outdoor pots during rainy days.  

So, are you going to give this spring project a try? We'd love to see your results! Take a pic and share it with us on social media using the tag #celebratewithcc. Happy planting!

Shop below for our suggested bowls that make perfect planters. The Happy Everything!™ Big Bowls, Mini Bowls, and Mini Nesting Cubes make fun planters, too.


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