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Heart on a String - Printables Part 1

Sat, February 4, 2012

With less than 10 days until Valentine’s Day, our free printables are ready just in time!! You may have seen our Valentine Pinterest board ‘You’ve Got My Heart on a String’, where we have pinned everything you need to throw an inspired surprise for your Valentine. Now we’re gonna give you what you’ll need to create the precious paper pocket to string along your sweetie! You can download the pdf for the pocket here and the card insert here, AND later this week we will give you the printables and instructions to create your own ‘heart on a string’ scavenger hunt for sweet treats!!

These printables are super easy to use, simply follow the instructions and refer to the how-to images below.

To create the paper pockets, print both the pocket and card pdfs on 8.5×11 cardstock and cut out the images. To assemble the pocket, fold the two sides in that have grey tape guides. Place double stick tape on the tape guides and then fold the bottom point up and affix to double stick tape. Fill pocket with candy of your choice and the card insert. Finally, fold down the top point and use a small piece of double stick tape to affix it to the envelope. Address the envelope to your Valentine you’re all ready to ask ‘Be Mine”?

We heart these printables and we heart you too!! Since you’re so sweet, we have another paper pocket design for you to download for FREE! Click here for your second paper pocket pdf!! Love ya!


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