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Chicken or Egg?

Wed, March 19, 2014


My grandmother had chickens in her small backyard in North Miami. I was always amazed at how they laid eggs EVERY DAY when I visited her when I was young. Grandmother always had Rhode Island Red chickens, as they were excellent layers. Visits to Grandmother’s house (not Grandma, not Granny, Grandmother only) were always like going to a farm. Although she lived smack dab in the middle of North Miami, her small chain link fenced backyard was filled with fruit trees, oranges, grapefruits, bananas, and often pineapple.

We gave my mom two chickens for Mother’s Day one year, and she raised them in her backyard in the southern portion of Miami. No one can believe we had chickens in our very suburban Miami quarter acre lot, but we did. And those chickens loved my mom and followed her around that yard wherever she went.


I am fortunate to have my own chicken coop today. It was perhaps a sign of my empty nest that this was the year we ventured into chicken keeping. I am fortunate to have a wonderful carpenter for a brother who built from scratch a chicken coop that my mom gave me for a Christmas gift. It took until April for my schedule to settle down a bit to take on chicken tending. What a treat it was to go the feed store in nearby Woodville and choose from the many, many small week old chicks they had to offer. We chose one from each of their offerings. Little did I know that the giant chicken coop was much too large to house these little biddies until they grew to pullet size (several months). Jay came to the rescue and built a brooder box complete with screen cover and a hung a heat lamp to keep them warm.


It was actually our little chickies that inspired the new Hatched Attachment. We were just beginning to design the 2014 Easter line around the time my family and I went to pick them out. Their sweet, innocent demeanor struck me right away. Many nights would find my husband and I crouched over the box watching the antics of these little chicks, simply adorable and busy all of the time, chasing bugs, scratching, pecking and playing. I was just amazed at how each of our four different chicken breeds had (and still have) such a unique personality.


To celebrate my family’s chicken raising tradition, my now full nest and our newest family additions, I decided to create a fresh chick attachment. Spring was the obvious season… Easter, new beginnings, and in our case, new hatchlings were my inspriation. Our bright and colorful Hatched Attachment just feels like springtime.

Now my adorable chicks are chickens, bonded to both my husband and me. We just call their names and they come running! When we let them out of their cage to free range we often have them join us on our outdoor porch. When we are inside, oftentimes we see them all looking in the french door asking to be let in {note: you don’t want chickens in the house…ever}.


My husband buys them fresh watermelon daily, so I was happy that he was the one to discover the very first egg our hens laid for us. As for my chickens, it took us 10 months of patience, but it was an exciting day when they delivered. We now get an egg a day from each of our large hens and a very small egg every so often from our small Silkie. They lay pretty brown eggs of different shades that I can’t wait to collect every morning. So maybe the chickens came first, but the eggs {and the attachment} were worth the wait.


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