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Happily Ever After

Fri, June 7, 2019

Few things are as joyous and cheerful as weddings - especially when the weddings involve Happy Everything!™ We were delighted when a dedicated Happy Everything!™ collector, Anne, reached out to us to share the details of her gorgeous Hawaiian wedding. Filled with personal touches, this happy occasion was one for the books. Looking for inspiration for your upcoming nuptials? Read our interview with Anne below to get the scoop!

Why Anne wanted Happy Everything!™ at her wedding: "The idea started with the personalized attachments - the Going to the Chapel Attachment with our wedding date and a Mr. and Mrs. Simpson attachment that my mother bought us for our engagement.  We wanted our wedding to be personalized and meaningful. What better way to personalize it than with Happy Everything!™ pieces?!"

Her awesome décor ideas:
Our wedding and reception were held in the same location, but we had welcome tables for both. We wanted it to reflect us and be very personal, so we had a picture of the two of us together in the Coton Colors Our Wedding frame and we used the Mini Cookie Jar with the personalized Going To The Chapel Mini Attachment to collect our guests' favorite memory from their trip to Maui for our wedding. We saved the memories to read after we returned home from our honeymoon."

How she packed her collection for Hawaii:
It wasn't easy transporting everything from North Carolina to Hawaii! I like to fly with very little luggage, and that was not the case this time. In addition to carrying on my wedding dress and my husband’s suit (didn’t want those lost in flight!), we had a carry on bag that was full of wedding decor including our Happy Everything!™ pieces.  I carefully packed everything and to save on space I even put smaller items inside the Happy Everything!™ Mini Cookie Jar. On our last flight home, I almost had to check my carry on bag due to limited space on the airplane, but I refused due to all of the breakable items in it. Luckily I found space in the overhead bin for it."

Her sweet gift for her mom:
We included a Coton Colors Mother of the Bride ornament in my mother’s gift bag as a memento she can add to her Christmas tree this year.  My mother also gave my husband’s mother the Coton Colors Mother of Groom ornament. I have a feeling we will have a Coton ColorsJust Married ornament to add to our tree this year from my mother!"


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