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Guest Blog: Paige Knudsen on Coton Colors Moments

Tue, September 13, 2016


It’s been said that each of us has a way, a language if you will, that when spoken to us we feel loved. The spoken word, spending time with each other, holding hands and serving each other are a few of these. When I think back over the years I’ve come to realize many of my fond memories where I both felt loved and celebrated or where I am celebrating someone else, little gifts, mementos, or “a little something special” are often present in that memory.

I’ve been busy raising daughters for twenty-three years now. A few weeks ago my first-born married her high-school sweetheart and we celebrated big! I look back on that day and my heart overflows with joy- I will forever tuck away the memories from the first days of her engagement, choosing elegant bridal gowns and cheering her on as she hand lettered many thoughtful elements for her ceremony.

Whether celebrating my daughter’s big day or celebrating rescuing an orphaned pup, loving on each other & encouraging each other in epic and simple ways everyday is what life is all about. And one of the many things I love about Coton Colors is that they truly know how to do just that - to celebrate every day. From weddings and babies to sorority rush and everything in between, they love to find happy in it all. For the gift giver, they’ve created the most cheerful & fun little something specials…and over the years our family has collected quite a few of them!

When my girls were little, they wore some of the original {super cute}, Coton Colors painted dresses. As we vacationed along the Emerald Coast each year, I’d pick up an ornament or two. When my daughter began her studies at UGA, I picked up a game day ornament then as well. From tabletop pieces collected over the years, to agendas, and Christmas Holiday serving pieces, my love for Coton Colors has grown over the years along with my collection!

Part of our most recent celebrations included a luncheon for Savannah’s bridesmaids. It was such a sweet time together & full of many surprises. Savannah blessed each one of them with a small canvas on which she hand lettered a word that described who each of them was to her. She then took that very word & spoke into each girl how God was that to them. Words such as generous, steadfast & joyful were used. It was truly a culmination of all love languages being used simultaneously. During the luncheon she gifted them each a beautiful robe along with a personalized wooden hanger, made by her as well. I handed each of the girls a small bag with one of Coton Colors Tervis tumblers inside…bridesmaid, mother of the groom and flower girl. They were such a wonderful surprise for all the women who helped her get to this moment in her life. Savannah loved her Mr. & Mrs. tumblers and will enjoy them as she decorates her new kitchen with her husband in their new home of San Francisco!

Each member of our family is adjusting to this new chapter. Savannah’s in California, two of my girls are in college, with another graduate to be. Our family is growing and while all of us can’t sit together on my back porch for every meal together anymore, I’m looking forward to Christmas 2016 when we will all be back together again…. celebrating each other and most importantly family! Perhaps I’ll even pick up a few new Coton Colors ornaments to have ready for that day!





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