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Golden Egg Party

Sun, April 24, 2011

We have had a wonderful weekend full of Easter festivities and I hope you have too!  Even though my girls are in high school and college we still had an Easter Egg hunt and of course we hid the Golden Egg!

Linley Paske, our Marketing Manager, went all out with the Golden Egg this year and had a Golden Egg themed party for her son’s 4th birthday.  I was so excited to see the pictures and share them with you!!

The birthday boy and his big brother, and as you can see, Linley loves a ‘color scheme’!

The party table was complete with a nest cake, chick cupcakes, chick cake pops, cheddar chicks and of course the Golden Egg!

Here comes the birthday boy trying to sneak some snacks before all the guests arrived…

These chicks are ready to party!

The kids had a great time hunting for over 300 eggs… there were 4 Golden Eggs hidden too!  The birthday boy just happened to find one!!

The party guests left with personalized golden buckets filled with a Coton Colors chick egg candy box. Yay!

The birthday boy had a great time and so did his Mommy!  Great party Linley, can I come next year?!? ;-)


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