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The Golden Egg: For Competetive Egg Hunters Everywhere

Thu, March 20, 2014

By far, my favorite holiday is Easter, filled with memories of egg hunts and family traditions. I just love the green of the grass during the birth of spring in Florida and the anticipation of warm summer days ahead.


Since childhood, I have had a love-hate relationship with the Golden Egg. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the whole idea of this tradition. What’s the Golden Egg tradition you ask?


Every year the Easter Bunny hides our Golden Egg with its special “grand prize” treat tucked inside and this {not-so} little egg always gets the most attention. Much thought goes into each year’s hiding spot and though our girls are well past the typical egg-hunting, basket carrying age, they still eagerly anticipate the ‘big hunt’… and somehow the prizes inside seem to get better each year.


In my early days, the Golden Egg was always part of the annual neighborhood egg hunt. My sister and I set out on the hunt for this special egg one Easter… knowing that the prize was the loveliest pair of sparkling rhinestone sandals we had ever seen. Once the hunt commenced I bypassed any inferior egg, keeping my full attention on the Golden Egg and soon finding myself with a bit of egg dilemma. Lucky me, I just had a feeling {call it a sixth sense for beautiful shoes}, that the egg was hidden in the top of the neighbors swing set. I can still remember the moment that I spied it with my little eyes and could envision nothing but those sparkly sandals on my feet. I reached up to grab the coveted prize and darn it, if my little arm was just too short to reach it. No matter how much I stretched up on my tippy toes, I just couldn’t put my fingers on it.

I could not decide what to do… quietly leave my post, walk up to the nearest adult and calmly claim my right to the Golden Egg like the polite young girl my parents wanted me to be? Or should I stand by, defend my position and scream loudly that I was the rightful owner of the Golden Egg while kicking off my sister, who was suddenly clamoring up the swing set, just as anxious as I, to claim those shoes and the glory of finding the Golden Egg?

Needless to say, I chose the less polite path and I sadly stared out of the window of my bedroom {where I promptly found myself posttantrum}. As a result, I developed a bit of jealously for the Golden Egg… and of my sister donning those shoes! I know, I know… I need to put this injustice behind me and “step over it” as my mom loves to say, but I still get a bit of a competitive edge with my sweet sister when the Golden Egg is involved.

To keep myself in an unlimited supply of Golden Eggs, I designed one for Coton Colors! Now competitive children of all ages can develop a similar “love” of this family tradition. It also features a handy piggy-bank design, so the winner can showcase their victory and bank big bragging rights all year. Let the hunt begin…


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