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Going Greek: The Legacy Continues!

Fri, August 30, 2013

The Coton Colors Pi Phi Dynasty has gained another member this Rush Season. Laura began the tradition as an active member of Pi Phi during her FSU days. Two of her daughters Kyle and Sara Kate have followed suit pledging Pi Phi at Florida State. {Not to mention two of her nieces have pledged Pi Phi and we have a corporate office full of Pi Phi alums!}

Kyle and Laura’s niece Logan on Bid Day at FSU in 2009 {Kyle became president her senior year and Logan was on her exec board}


Kyle, Mary Parker and niece Logan at middle daughter Sara Kate’s Bid Day at FSU in 2012

This year is was Laura’s youngest daughter’s turn. Mary Parker spread her wings and decided to be the only Johnson daughter to go away to college - so off to Auburn she went. Everyone assumed Mary would go Greek, but we were almost certain she would break tradition again and find her home somewhere other than Pi Phi.

You have to understand that it’s a tradition in the Johnson family to be present on Bid Day, although normally it would just mean heading across town to FSU’s campus, as opposed to a 3-hour drive to Auburn. Laura had convinced Mary that they weren’t making the drive… Pi Phi or not. Mary Parker was not so thrilled…


Needless to say, Mary Parker was shocked to see her Mom, sisters and cousin there and her reaction was well worth the trip!

Mary Parker… Full Shock!

After visiting with the newest Pi Phi the family all headed home… Very content and sure Mary Parker had found her home away from home.


Coton Colors couldn’t be happier to add another angel to the family! PPL {pi phi love}


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