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Tue, April 26, 2011

It’s party week everyone!!  I can’t wait for the festivities to begin on Thursday and continue into the weekend! There will be so many fabulous festivities and freebies you can’t afford to miss this event!

Speaking of freebies, have you seen the adorable Happy Everything tote?!?  It is a must-have for any Happy Everything fan! Use it to carry casserole dishes to friends, wine and cheese to a party, towels and sunscreen to the beach, fried chicken to a tailgate…  it is the perfect tote for any HAPPY occasion!


Now you want to know how to get one for yourself?!?  These coveted totes will only be available at Get Happy Spring Parties.  They will be your gift with any $75 Happy Everything purchase.  The totes will be available in many assorted colors, some with polka dots, some solid - it’s gonna be a fun surprise to see which ones are available in stores near you.  They are ALL to die for!  Click here to find your party store!! C’mon everyone…  now is the time to GET HAPPY!!


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