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Get ready for Easter

Thu, February 20, 2020

We love any excuse to dress up our table with festive and fancier pieces – and Easter allows us to do just that! This more formal celebration allows us to gather some of our classic designs, while at the same time dressing up the holiday with playful activities and accessories.

Here are some bits of inspiration to design a stylish and fun yet elegant look to enjoy with your family and friends.

The Table

Look #1: Modern Easter

Add a touch of sophistication and flair to your table with the smoke hues of our Easter Collection. The bold metallic gold rabbit silhouette against the cool gray backdrop creates an elegant Easter tablescape.  

Comprised of dinnerware, serveware, and table accessories, our Easter Collection has all the essentials for an Easter Sunday lunch. 

Incorporate gold pieces throughout to create a cohesive look around the rabbit silhouette. The gold scallop pieces in our striking Deco Collection bring a modern twist with the detailed scallop edge and patterns. 

Add some greenery to your table with fresh-picked flowers or vegetables. For a delicate touch, house your florals in clear bulb vases {available at our Coton Colors Flagship Stores in Atlanta, Tallahassee, and Tampa.}

Finally, add rabbit figurines for a traditional centerpiece or décor item. {Check out our Flagship Stores to see what handsome figurines are available.}

Look #2: Classic Easter Sunday 

Design a classic tablescape by mixing our Signature White Collection with the Cobble Neutral Cross pieces. Pair with classic silver utensils, silver cups, rustic linen napkins, and clear drinking glasses for a subtle and timeless look.

We always suggest bringing in classic pieces from your own collection {i.e. your silver, cream and sugar, etc.} to create a festive spread without being too formal.

The best part? The Neutral Cross design features an ornate cross that takes you from Easter to baptisms, weddings, every day, and beyond.

All of these pieces also double as beautiful gifts and décor elements. Simply add a plate stand to display your Cobble Neutral Cross Dessert Plate or Cobble Neutral Cross Platter

Look #3: Playful Easter Brunch

For a tablescape with a more neutral color palette, read our Easter brunch Inspiration blog post.

Want to test out other looks? Click here to design your table.

Look #4: Kids’ Table

Upgrade the kids’ table by ditching the paper plates and swapping in fun melamine pieces. Melamine is the perfect kid-friendly material since it is durable and light, which also makes it a functional and stylish outdoor dining piece for any age.

Create a cohesive look from the kids’ to the adults’ table by incorporating similar styles. Our Pink and Blue Melamine Dinner Plates incorporate the same rabbit outlines as the pottery from our Easter Collection, but with a touch of color. This playful pattern and color palette distinguishes the tables from each other while still following the same theme.

Add a fun element that little ones will love {and moms won’t worry about kids breaking!} with the cheerful illustrations on our melamine plates.

Featuring fun and functional pieces for setting the table and decorating your space, click here to view our curated Easter Shop


Impress your guests with simple and delightful dishes. Adding more touches of green to your table with salads and veggies will help create a fresh look. Aside from tasting as wonderful as it looks, the colorful additions will catch the guests' eyes.


For tasty salad recipes, friends and family are sure to beg you for, click here for a list of our favorites {including a family staple of our Founding Artist & CEO Laura Johnson!}


If you’re hosting an elegant brunch you can never go wrong with deviled eggs. Another must-have at a Johnson Easter celebration is are what they coined as Deviled “Golden” Eggs. Click here for the recipe. 

Traditional Activities

Egg Dying 

Avoid the mess when egg dying this Easter with these helpful hints: 

  • Waiting can be tricky, especially with little ones, but it’s important to make sure your hard-boiled egg is no longer hot before you start decorating. 
  • When you start adding colors, wait until one color is completely dry before adding more to avoid blending and mixing. 
  • Prep your space by placing an old tablecloth or paper on a table or the ground outside. 
  • Use rubber bands, tape, flowers, and leaves to make unique designs.
  • A pair of tongs makes dipping and moving your eggs mess-free. 
  • Avoid the chemicals by naturally dying eggs with foods you have in your own pantry! From onion skin to cabbage, read more here.

Now it’s your turn! View some of our favorite egg dying designs on our Easter Pinterest board.  

Easter Baskets 
Add a fresh pack of colored pencils and coloring books to their Easter basket. A festive and fun way to keep them busy while food is being prepped! Download a free Easter Coloring Printable here.

Visit our Flagship Stores curate your own Easter baskets filled with sweet and salty treats, jewelry, décor, and more. Our Flagship Stores are currently offering curbside pickup and FREE delivery. See something you like? They are also able to process and hold your purchases for a later pickup. Call your local Flagship Store to place an order and learn more. 

Hop to more ideas for your Easter celebration:


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