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Get ready for an A+ Year: Back to School Printables

Tue, August 6, 2013


Let’s be honest. For some of us back to school is a blessing. No crazy camp schedules, no “mom, I’m bored” and no debate over where they’ll be or who they’ll be with. For others it’s a time to mourn little ones leaving the nest again. Think back to kindergarten if you need to relive the mixed bag of emotions that accompanied dropping off your peanut for their first big day. If you haven’t had to do this yet, get ready… The tear fest is almost unavoidable. 

Your school might even have the boo hoo or woo hoo breakfast depending on your state of mind. If not, you may recommend they start one. It’s a great way for both camps to receive the support they need. Just throw in coffee and nibbles for the grown-up version of a back to school bash.

Whatever your take on their return to campus, you can still look forward to an A+ year. To help get ready, our adorable printables make the grade. 

For teacher, may we recommend a more sophisticated approach to the time-honored apple? After all, if your student is going to be the teacher’s pet, a little nudge never hurts. Start their day with a delicious, easy to make apple muffin from our very own The Happy Everything Cookbook. Seriously… so easy! You don’t even use a mixer or preheat the oven. Download the recipe here. After making {or buying} your amazing apple muffins, you’ll need to assemble your sweet treat for teacher {and maybe some office staff too}.

Here’s what you’ll need…



  • Apple Muffins
  • Chinese Take Out Gift Boxes
  • Paper Shred
  • Ribbon
  • #2 Pencils
  • A+ Apple Sticker Printables


Use a simple Chinese Take Out Gift Box. They come in a variety of happy hues and punchy patterns. Simply check out the gift-wrap section of your local craft store or order online. Fill it with paper shred {also available at most craft stores}. Tie two #2 pencils to the box with ribbon. This cheeky decorative twist mimics chop sticks and supplies a classroom staple. Bonus: they’re easy for little hands to carry! For the finishing touch, add our A+ Apple Sticker. 


Simply download our free A+ Apple Stickers for an easy DIY. Print our template with your home printer using 2.5” round sticker labels {Avery 5294} and then secure sticker to gift box. A+ for adorable and affordable! Download the A+ Apple Stickers printable here.


For student, our A+ Lunch Box Notes will let them know they’re the apple of your eye! Send messages of love, wish them luck for a test, or just encourage them to do their best. Whatever sweet sayings you choose, your child will know they rule at school. Write on! 


Download our free A+ Lunch Box Notes printable and save it to your desktop as a .pdf file. Print on 8.5x11 cardstock and trim to size. When the school bell rings, you’ll be ready to rock! Download A+ Lunch Box Notes here!


Head of the class… Here we come!


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