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Get Halloween Happy!

Wed, September 18, 2013

How do you get Halloween Happy? With so many themes to choose from, picking just one for your monster bash can be down right scary. To make all your guests scream with delight, we recommend getting inspiration from your favorite Halloween Happy Everything Attachment.

Try welcoming party-goers to a ghoulishly good gala using Ghost as your guide, or add creepy-cool to your fright night affair with the classic Jack-O-Lantern. Perhaps Skull & Crossbones will add the right amount of fear factor to your spirited celebration. If not, you can always brew a bit of wicked good fun with the Witch Hat.

However you pick your poison, the eerie effect will be killer for groan-ups and kids alike. Use the haunting hues of your chosen attachment as a color-theme for party favors and décor. Then add heebie-jeebie worthy bites and sinister sips to create a spooktacular spread.

Need a little more eye-candy for your happy-inspired haunt? Try creating our bone-chilling chalkboard. Easy, inexpensive, and reusable, it’s seriously fun for adding frightful flare to your festivity.


Step 1: Gather your materials

  • An 18″x22″ canvas {available at craft stores}
  • Chalkboard spray paint {yep… it’s now available in convenient spray form at most craft and home improvement stores}
  • Chalk


Step 2: Paint your canvas

Using quick, short strokes, evenly apply the chalkboard paint to the surface and sides of your canvas to avoid drips or runs. We recommend at least 2 coats for full coverage. Allow your canvas to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If possible, allow overnight drying.


Step 3: Prep your chalkboard

Before using your chalkboard, you’ll need to prep it. Luckily, this step is simple and fun! Using a piece of chalk on its side, cover the entire surface of the board with chalk strokes. Then wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth. This will “season” the chalkboard minimizing permanent marks from being left behind.


Step 4: Embellish with artistic expression

TIP: Try chalk pastels for a wide array of hair-raising hues.

Now your board is message-ready! Use it to create a menu of sinister sweets and clever concoctions you’ll be serving. Or embellish with enchanting artistic expressions. Try a witch’s broom with black cats or a terrifying tree with bleak birds and bats. If you’re not totally happy with your scream-worthy scribbles, just wipe clean and start again.

Just remember, the beauty of Halloween is that imperfect art makes mysterious magic!


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