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Gemini Gift Guide

Thu, May 28, 2020

1. Champagnes Clear with Gold Ball (available at Flagship Stores) // 2. Zodiac Mug - Gemini // 3. Mint Double Dot Handled Tray // 4. Stripe Appetizer Spreader // 5. Gemini Book (available at Flagship Stores) // 6. Celebrate Emerald Stripe Ruffle Appetizer Bowl Candle // 7. Emerald Double Dot Round Ruffle Platter // 8. Zodiac Square Trinket Bowl - Gemini // 9. Glass Wine Clear with Gold Ball (available at Flagship Stores) // 10. Emerald Diamond Salad Plate // 11. Emerald Double Dot Ruffle Appetizer Bowl // 12. Brown Footed Gold Marble Bowl // 13. Emerald Series Diamond Tray // 14. Spot On Ruffle Best Bowl // 15. Jade Paisley Napkins (available at Flagship Stores)

The stars have aligned for this Gemini Gift Guide!

Our go-to gifts for Geminis are this sign's pieces from our Astrological Zodiac Collection. Featuring a fun color combination and the unmistakable twin glyph, these Mug and Trinket Bowls allow them to display their Gemini pride! Besides their strong desire for communication, Geminis are also described as gentle, affectionate, curious, and adaptable. We took these characteristics and their style preferences into mind when curating this list of gifts.

One thing for sure is Geminis aren't afraid to take risks, and with that, they love to be the first to have the latest and greatest – and they love when others take note and ask them where their pieces from. Keep this in mind and be sure to look for items that are visually striking.

Always ones to experiment, Geminis lean toward strong shapes, patterns, and styles, which makes our Emerald Collection the perfect pick for them. Featuring a bold and elegant design with a modern twist, this collection packs personality with its jewel-tones and mixture of patterns.

After all, Geminis like to leave an impression and our double dot pattern does just that! Featuring an organic overlay of gold and emerald dots, these pieces are double the fun for entertaining or decorating. The Mint Double Dot Handled Tray exudes fun with this playful dot pattern. Whether used for entertaining or displaying their favorite jewelry, this piece is a must-have on their list.

Add sophisticated flair to their collection with the ruffle edge of the Emerald Double Dot Round Ruffle Platter. Plus if you pair it with the coordinating pattern of the Emerald Series Stripe Ruffle Appetizer Bowl and Stripe Appetizer Spreader you have created the perfect chip and dip server. These patterns are meant for effortlessly beautiful layering. 

Despite their "trendiness," they will never be strictly led by rules. Geminis have their own distinctive and eccentric style, which will lead to an appreciation for the staples in this collection and allow them to reach for their emerald pieces for their mix of modern trends and traditional colors.

The Emerald Collection can act as a blank canvas with the classic green and white color combination of the Spot On pieces. Pair these dishes with the Jade Paisley Napkins from our Flagship Stores for a bold place setting. The napkins personality with a strong yet elegant pattern. A simple way for a Gemini to add their own unique touch to their table.

Since they are drawn to unique and playful styles, they have a hard time making decisions on what to use. While they like to be in the know of the latest trends, they like to switch it up often. Let Geminis experiment with our interactive Design Your Table feature to give them the ability to see how our pieces look with each other. Then, gift them their favorites.

Not to mention, Geminis enjoy making a statement. The Brown Footed Gold Marble Bowl from our Flagship Stores leaves an impression in any room. A bold piece that would look great on a bar cart as décor or hold corks and accessories.

Speaking of the bar, complete their cart or counter with these pieces from our Flagship Stores. The Glass Wine Clear with Gold Ball and Champagne Clear with Gold Ball Glasses are both classic yet visually striking with their unique shape and gold accents.

Geminis also can't resist a good accessory to complete their look. Our Signature Candles are the final touch to any space, not only for their fresh scent but also for their beautiful patterns. The delicate, crisp floral scent of our signature Celebrate candle only enhances the beautiful bowls that house it. 

The appetizer bowls in our Emerald Collection are also available as candles – Celebrate Gold Diamond Ruffle Appetizer Bowl, Celebrate Emerald Double Dot Ruffle Appetizer Bowl Candle, and Celebrate Emerald Stripe Ruffle Appetizer Bowl Candle. Once the wax melts away you'll be left with a stylish bowl for future use. Click here to learn more about our Signature Candles and how to safely remove the wax.

Find out more about this sign with this beautiful coffee table book about Geminis, available at our Flagship Stores in Atlanta and Tampa. Enjoy some light reading to learn how this sign grows from child to adult, fits in at school and at work, and functions as a friend, parent, and more. Pick this book up to see test if your Gemini friends fit this description.

Looking for another sign? Our Atlanta and Tampa Flagship Stores carry all of the sign's books in this series.

Now it's to celebrate the Geminis in your life or treat yourself to the gift suggestions in this guide! Visit the Gemini Style Shop to view all these picks and more. 


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