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From the Desk of Laura: 365 Days of Celebrations

Fri, January 2, 2015


Hello 2015! The beginning of a new year is always exciting. We all have the opportunity to start fresh, and we are ready and willing to embrace new ideas and resolutions. As I sat on the deck at our beach house (my absolute favorite place to read, think and plan) penning my New Year’s resolutions and thoughts on the coming year, one thing continued to reverberate in my mind. Make 2015 the year of celebrations.

“Celebrating life should be a priority. Be intentional with your time and make it a point to create lifelong memories with those you love most…now that’s a resolution that will be fun to keep!”

Life moves fast, and as much as I search for it, there is no pause button. That’s why I am declaring 2015 the Year of Celebrations. There are 365 days on the horizon, and I plan on celebrating my way through all of them. As you’re making your own New Year’s resolutions, be sure to put “celebrate every day” at the top of your list. That’s right, even above cutting carbs and daily workouts. Let’s celebrate this year together.

Throughout the years, I’ve loved working from behind the scenes, knowing that Coton Colors has helped you and your families find a little happy in every day. But this year, I’ve decided to come out from “behind the curtain” if you will. You’ll even find that my name will be making its way to the Coton Colors logo. We’re making this addition because this company is such an extension of me and how I strive to live my life. Coton Colors was founded on my love of entertaining and celebrating and has grown and evolved as my own family has grown. With that being said, let’s get to know one another better in 2015, okay? I truly want to share this year’s celebrations with you, and I’d love for you to do the same! You can follow all of our fun on Instagram and be sure to use hashtag #yearofcelebrations to mark all of your occasions along the way.

So let’s start this very minute. Get out your favorite mug, pour yourself something warm and delicious, and go ahead and CELEBRATE a fresh start and a year full of making memories with those you love.




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