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From the Curious Cook :: Father’s Day

Sat, June 16, 2012

My Dad is an outdoorsman. At this very moment he and my Mom are camping for a month in their motorhome beside the inter-coastal waterway near New Smyrna Beach, Florida. He loves to ride in the boat, picnic, fish and even shrimp in the evenings. I think he feels most himself near the water.


When my Dad was a boy, his family spent most of their summer at the cabin in the Ocala National Forest, not far from where the movie The Yearling was filmed. My Grandmother said she would beam with pride as my Dad would do flips and dives into the ice cold Salt Springs as people watched with amazement! He was a nice looking toe-headed child who grew into a handsome man that I was always proud to claim as my Dad.


When I was little, I use to ride on his back and then climb onto this shoulders while he watered skied. Later I would ride the front of his skis until I got big enough to ski on my own. I can still picture my mom being the spotter in the back of the boat while my Dad would drive in circles to bring me the rope over and over again. After gulping hundreds of gallons of water I eventually got up, but unfortunately {because it took a lot of concentration on my part} I never got to see the look of pride or expressions of enthusiasm that I am confident my parents were demonstrating!


Our family vacations consisted of lobstering in the Florida Keys. My Dad could free-dive deeper and hold his breath longer than any other dad {and of course that always made me proud}. He would spearfish out by the lighthouse reef with hundreds of baracudda swimming around, and I would fearlessly swim beside him, because I knew he could and would protect me. In true Tarzan fashion, he would have a spear in hand and a knife strapped to his leg and both of us loving every minute of it!


I think I am gonna celebrate my Dad this Father’s Day by making Grilled Florida Lobsters and Not A Care in the World Rum Runners featured in The Happy Everything Cookbook!


Dad, I hope the shrimp “run” for ya and don’t forget to cook the Head-On BBQ Shrimp recipe from The Happy Everything Cookbook! It is easy and your friends will eat it up!


Happy Father’s Day Daddy and know that I have always been and will always be proud to say …” thats my Dad”! Love ya!


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