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Laura’s Fresh Picks for the Pump

Wed, February 26, 2014

At my house, a handy soap pump is indispensible. But not just any pump will do… I can’t help but want to “brighten up” my kitchen, bathrooms, and yes, even my bedside table, with a Happy Everything Soap Pump!


I absolutely love Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap! I don’t have a lot of time to shop, so when I see them on the shelf, I buy them in bulk. That way I’m sure not to run out! My favorite…? It’s always the new one I pull out from under the sink when it’s time to refill my Happy Everything Soap Pump.


Dish soap…again, Meyer’s is my go-to! Ok, so here I do have a preference… Anything but lavender. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the scent of lavender, but there’s something about lavender and dishes just doesn’t go together to me. Perhaps it’s too sweet?

Once my tidying is complete, I turn to my lotion. It’s like a treat for my hands, a reward for a job well done!


As for hand lotions, I love the scent of so many of the new lotions these days. It keeps me from having to use so much perfume. Plus I like to change things up, and lotion is an easy alternative for exploring new and noteworthy fragrances. My favorite right now is Caldrea. They have wonderful fresh scents with herb and floral mixes that create unique and wonderful smells. They also hydrate extemely well.

Tell us you favorite picks… The ones that both renew and refresh your home and you. Spring cleaning is coming, ladies. Are you ready?


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