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Mon, January 13, 2014


Kyle Johnson, Product Designer

When our Founding Artist Laura started Coton Colors, her idea was uncomplicated but novel: never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day! Over a decade ago, Laura designed the first Happy Everything Platter and redefined “celebrating” by creating a statement piece with interchangeable attachments for all of life’s moments and milestones. Today, the Happy Everything Collection continues to evolve with the celebrations of her own family’s lives.

In the years since Laura first designed it, the Happy Everything platter has been a mainstay at all of the Johnson family’s celebrations. But when eldest daughter and product designer Kyle took note of how often the family used their platters as more than just décor, she and Laura took a new approach to the collection’s signature base.

According to Kyle “We loved using our platter to serve and entertain. It just added so much joy to everyday occurrences and made life’s more obvious occasions even more special.” So they redefined the Happy Everything Platter to dine! “Our new Entertaining Platters serve up an unexpected and understated style update to the classic contours of my mom’s original Happy Everything design.”

The Happy Everything writing has been removed to create a fresh foundation ideal for serving while the celebratory feature – interchangeable attachments – remains an integral part of the design. The new Entertaining Platter also boasts three color palettes in two signature sizes, Big and Mini.


Shown: The Happy Everything Mini Entertaining Platter in Bright with the Now Serving Mini Attachment


Shown: The Happy Everything Big & Mini Entertaining Platters in White, both with the Now Serving Attachment {Big & Mini}


Shown: The Happy Everything Mini Platter in Neutral with the Now Serving Mini Attachment

The best part, now all you Happy Everything enthusiasts can keep your happy décor and serve more… Happy that is! Plus you get a chance to show off your attachment collections. With more platters, you’ll need even more attachments, right? Which Entertaining Platter will be your new favorite?


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