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Design A St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Wed, March 6, 2019

You can count us in for all celebrations - especially ones that celebrate wishes of happiness, good luck, and good health, like St. Patrick's Day! {See our Chinese New Year Celebration for further proof}. We love helping you celebrate, too. In our Design A Celebration series, we break down some simple components of party planning to take the intimidation factor out, give you a starting point, and inspire your inner hostess-with-the-mostest.

First Things First
Feel free to interpret the word "party" as you wish - this could be a gathering as small or as large as you want! Many of us start sweating through our blouses at the thought of hosting when truly there's nothing to worry about welcoming loved ones into our homes {you DO only invite people you actually like, right?!}. Chances are they'll be happy to receive an invite and will accept with a wine bottle in tow.

All celebrations need a visual feast. By gathering a few key elements, you can easily create the festive atmosphere of St. Patrick's Day without resorting to plastic green shamrocks.

Decorations: If you have a green thumb, you have a head start on decorating. Spruce up foliage from your backyard for a touch of green throughout your home and tablescape. Baby Tears, Ferns, Magnolia leaves.. find the textures and colors that work best from your very own patio. Of course, you can't go wrong with Clovers! They're available this time of year at grocery stores, nurseries, and garden centers.

Table: Mix and match your dish collection to create a tablescape that speaks to the occasion. With green jewel tones and touches of gold, our Emerald color palette is perfect for this celebration. {You can't go wrong Swap Tabletop, we design every color palette to work as a complete place setting while also complementing each other to create new looks with a simple swap.} Tie it all together with gold utensils for an extra dose of lucky charm.

Hint: Use our interactive "Design Your Table" feature to design your curated table setting here.

Whether you want to set a full dinner or just a selection of appetizers, here are some found traditional Irish dishes to get your wheels spinning. 

  • Corned Beef: There's nothing more traditional than corned beef with cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.
  • Beef Stew: Perfect to serve on a chillier night.
  • Shepherd’s Pie: The popular Irish dish everyone loves.
  • Irish Champ: Much like mashed potatoes - with a twist.
  • And of course, you've got to serve BEER! Our friend's at Deep Brewing Company gave us the 101 on Irish beer. Read Here. {BONUS: Scroll down this previous blog post to get the recipe for delicious beer bread.}

Cheers to a very happy St. Patrick's Day!


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