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Create Your Own Festive Felt Ball Garland!

Wed, July 24, 2013

Christmas in July has the Coton Colors Crew thinking about how to create fun and festive décor that works for every occasion. This time of year… We’re feelin’ felt ball garland!

Celebrations are the perfect time for a colorful expression and felt garland is the perfect go-to décor accessory. Felt is cozy and colorful, eye-catching yet affordable. With seemingly boundless color options, you can easily customize your palette for any occasion.


String it in a tree, swag it on a table or tastefully top windows and mantles. No matter where you drape, dress or display this fuzzy felt adornment, it feels effortlessly chic. Our fave… Replace ribbon and give gifts a vibrant punch of glam!

Let’s get started!


  • 2cm sized felted wool balls {available online at sites like Etsy}
  • Embroidery thread
  • Large sewing or embroidery needle
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors



1.  Cut thread to desired length. 
     Note: We used 100 inches of thread. This length allowed us to use100 felt balls.

2.  Thread the needle.


3. Securely hold a felt ball and push the needle through the center continuing to push the felt ball down the length of the thread. Leave approximately 12 inches at the end to create the loop. Once created, this will allow you to hang it on the tree with ease.

4. To create the loop, thread the needle back through the ball in the opposite direction leaving approximately 2 inches of thread for the loop. To secure the loop in place, tie the tread into a knot.


5.  Continue adding felt balls until you’ve reached your desired length. 


6.  Leave enough string to secure the last ball in place prior to creating your knot and loop.

7.  Repeat the loop-knot process from step 4 to finish the garland. Trim any excess thread.


Perfect for Christmas, Halloween, Birthday or any themed celebration, this garland adds festive flair to any affair! Our own style-friendly Artist Kyle Johnson even took it to the fashion world creating a unique and glamorous garland necklace! We’ll be copying this look for sure. 


Get happy… Color your world with felt ball garland!


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