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Cookbook Signings :: Tiger Habitat

Thu, November 17, 2011

I didn’t mention the field trip that Kristin, Kyle and I took right smack dab in the middle of the crazy Nutcracker show. In July we were invited to come for a book signing with our NUMBER ONE customer in LSU licensed products, the LSU Sport Shop.

Ashley Stringfellow, the store buyer and manager, sure knows her LSU stuff. She sells all of our collegiate products that we design specifically for LSU fans. Take a peek at them here! She invited us to come sign cookbooks during their homecoming weekend. Picture this… her store is located on the LSU campus directly across from Tiger Stadium, right next door to Mike the Tiger’s multi million dollar ‘habitat’. Our obvious answer… YES!

At that time we had no idea that LSU would be the number ONE team in the nation. Having come off of their amazing defeat of Alabama you cannot imagine the excitement we found once on campus. We were greeted by Ashley who met us on a motorized gator at parking lot W. {Thanks for the convenient parking pass Ashley!}

She drove us to the famed Tiger stadium. Along the way we passed the amazing, amazing, amazing spectacle of Tiger Tailgating.  Believe me…they do it up BIG here!

We were treated to a tour of the LSU hall of fame room where we saw trophy after trophy.  Then we walked through their NFL room where we saw every past team player next to the pro Helmets where they are playing in their professional careers! Kristin was in her glory as she read the names and commented on their positions and current standings. As big of a Tennessee fan as she is, this almost converted her to a Tiger fan!

It was so great to be here knowing that Big Milt {my husband Milton’s father} was an LSU grad, living in the dorms set right in Tiger Stadium.  I loved showing off our Cajun Sunday Supper chapter which showcases my mother-in-law, Mere, and her stories of growing up in New Orleans and Lafayette. Even these Cajuns who are fabulous cooks were excited to try Mere’s family recipe of Seafood Gumbo.  {You’ll find the recipe on page 182 of The Happy Everything Cookbook!}

We signed cookbooks, swapped cooking tales and joined the crowds and crowds of people who line the street just ouside the shop to cheer on the team and band who walk to the stadium between screaming lines of fans.  I have never in my life seen so much purple and gold!  Incredible fan support!!

I also really enjoyed walking through the food tents where I saw giant black cauldrons set over flames full of hot red beans and rice and steaming jambalaya. The menu was definitely NOT comprised of the normal stadium offerings of hotdogs and popcorn, rather Alligator balls and Boudin sausage. YUM! After the parade, Ashley took us to the stadium for game time where we met her husband Greg on the sidelines. Greg is equipment manager for the LSU football team - Wow! We also met her darling daughters, Sara &  Lily who were so cute, reminding me of my daughters at that age with their matching outfits… purple striped shirts, “skinnies” and tiny cowboy boots. So, so cute!

Tiger stadium is just incredible.  I am so happy to have had the chance to be there and also so happy to have Milton join us.  After all this book tour traveling I really miss him!  {I have to tell you, as soon as he heard about the LSU signing he booked his ticket.  He wasn’t going to miss Tiger stadium.}. Also, I was so glad we had Kyle join us as chief personalizer for LSU ornaments.  I loved having them both with me {and Kristin too}!

We ended the night at a wonderful chop house in downtown Baton Rouge, adjoining the Mississippi river. We enjoyed a delicious meal and then on to bed as another early wake up call was ahead of us. You just never know where the road will take you!

Never had I imagined us on this journey through the south.  I have enjoyed ever single minute of it and cannot wait to wake up tomorrow with more adventures to be had.   Next stop, back to Houston to finish up the Nutcracker and then on to a few Texas towns…

Can’t wait!!


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