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Cookbook Signings :: Rewind

Wed, December 14, 2011

Forgive me but I caught a cold on the way back from our first leg of the tour and now I am so, so late in catching you up to where all we’ve been…and we’ve been to so many wonderful places!

If I recall correctly…we left off at Moon Mippy San Antonio {mind you BEFORE Thanksgiving…yikes}.  I’ve got lots to show and tell you since then! After a fun visit to San Antonio we headed back to Houston. Gotta say a one day round trip to San Antonio and back makes for a LONG day… but we were looking forward to an early morning signing at Alsplaughs.  Dorothy, the store owner is one of our favorite customers {as she is smart and savvy and knows how to sell} so we could hardly wait to get to her store! We packed up and headed out to her fine shop. We were met by eager staff members and customers that were ready to get going.

Delicious tastings had been prepared for us, of course all from The Happy Everything Cookbook. Dorothy’s store is an extremely successful store and is just packed full of all different types of gift items as well as lots and lots of jewelry. It is truly one stop shopping and Coton Colors is proud we have a place there.

Nutella Poundcake & Ginger Cookies were all festively served to shoppers.  We signed books, personalized ornaments & pottery and had a great time meeting her customers and staff.  Kristin is looking forward to coming back to ladies night where things get a little crazy {or so we hear}. We left in a pouring rain storm to begin our trek to Dallas, a four-ish hour drive.  It started out calmly and cooly with Kristin driving.  That soon ended when on a call from Marcie {my sister}, she overheard that Kristin was our driver.  She quickly said to me over the phone, “Just fake like you have to go to the bathroom and then you drive!”  {Apparently, after many experiences with Kristins driving Marcie doesn’t have a lot of confidence in her abilities!}  Oops… Marcie was talking a little too loudly as Kristin heard her loud and clear.  Really, how could Kristin be offended when in the first five minutes of the drive she told the story of recently running a car off the interstate! Needless to say, I took over the wheel and we headed off to dinner…

We hit Dallas just in time for the sunset {out the left driver window…yes, everything IS bigger in Texas}.  Dallas is one of my very favorite cities and we had a hard time deciding on which of our restaurant favorites we wanted to head to for dinner. Mexican at Mia’s was the decision and off we went for delicious margaritas and the house specialty, queso with chorizo fixed table side. The serve it to you wrapped up in a tortilla…Yum! Gotta say, we just love margaritas and tortillas.

We awoke to a calm day of signing cookbooks at another fabulous store… Jackson’s Home & Garden Center.

We were met by our new sales rep Kevin Turner who is just a delight to be with. He graciously cooked up Ginger Cookies and Chipotle Pecans. He is a fabulous cook, a wonderful entertainer and is so great at showing people the virtues of our cookbook!

This store really got us in the Christmas spirit as it was decked out with everything Christmas.  Tons and tons and tons of ornaments {and lots of Coton Colors ornaments I am happy to say} were setup in the main room but this business is so much more than Christmas…

They are TOP notch with full selections of all types of things garden and home.  All are perfectly displayed and easily shopped. Much inspiration can be found here and they certainly have the selection you need to make shopping easy.  We met the store owner, Mr. Jackson and enjoyed swapping fun stories of importing from far off lands.   The store buyer, Leslie, is also a true delight and is extremely talented in running a beautiful store. Dallas is lucky to have this gem of a resource in which to shop.

After our signing we enjoyed shopping a bit before meeting up with friends for an early dinner. We sadly said goodbye to Susie who flew home that evening. She was to miss out on a fabulous meal at a little gem of a restaurant, Neighborhood Services, where we were joined by one of mine and Kristin’s favorite people in the world, Ed Greer and his fabulous mother-in-law.

Ed is a resource for all things cool and fabulous. He is too, too funny to be around so we are always in for treat when we are graced by his company. What entertainment we were in store for!!

Ed Greer is the BEST gift giver. He is incredibly generous AND has great taste… what more can you ask for?  He surprised me with a belated birthday gift from my very most favorite line of all time, Match.  It was a beautiful tray with wooden cheese board {it sits right now on my bar and I pass by it every day and think of Ed…thanks Ed!}. We ended our trip to Dallas with a day of signing cookbooks and personalizing ornaments alongside The Store at Lake Highlands at the Chi Omega Christmas Market, a fun shopping event held annually. We met lots of people and personalized lots and lots of ornaments.  Cheryl {the owner of The Store at Lake Highlands} was a great host, and it was such a wonderful way to end the tour!

Little did I know, even more excitement awaited me… as I was waiting to catch our flight home I read the play by play texts from my friend and fellow volleyball mom, Lynn.  Our Leon High School team {for which my daughter, Mary Parker, plays} was in the final four tournament for the state title.   We anxiously waited to see if I needed to divert my travel plans to Orlando where the state championship was to be played the next night.  {See this photo of a very patient Kristin waiting to hear the news…}

Well… they won!!!   Off to Orlando I went to join the team just in time to watch them win state in the girls 6A volleyball finals for the state of Florida.  The first EVER win for Leon High School {which says an awful lot as Leon is the oldest high school in the state}.  I couldn’t be more proud as this dedicated team worked so hard all year to gain the title.  Go Lions!  And YAY Mary Parker!  What fun.

With a relaxing week of Thanksgiving with great family and great food ahead, I could hardly wait to share all of the stories of the many fun times we enjoyed on our first ever cookbook tour. I am so very thankful this year especially as I reflect on all the many, many blessings that this cookbook has brought to me and Coton Colors.   The joy of working in a new medium has energized me, the fun of working with such a talented group of people I am so lucky to have in my life, and the many creative and diverse businesses that showcase and share our products all over the country. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for supporting me throughout this journey.  It is a true joy. Up next… a few more signings and then CHRISTMAS!!!!


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