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Cookbook Signings :: Day 4

Tue, November 8, 2011

Still in Kentucky and on our way to Louisville for another couple of cookbook signings before heading home. Another beautiful day and a beautiful ride passing more and more farms. We landed at Two Chicks, their second location…

Kristin parked in her “lucky parking spot” {the one she parked in when she first approached them to sell Coton Colors products many years ago}. This location holds such a treasure…Barbara…Alison’s mom and one of the original “Two Chicks”.  {The Louisville store actually refers to themselves as the hens… they say the chicks are in Lexington.. So cute!!!}

This small store holds a powerful punch and a lot a lot of product! And boy was it buzzing!!

Customers enjoyed many specials and tastings of recipes from The Happy Everything Cookbook. What is better than Rum Punch at 10:30 am on a Saturday morning??   Sure makes Christmas shopping more enjoyable!  Also, the customers were treated with the Sweet Chili Noodle Salad, another great recipe from the Happy Everything cookbook.  Two Chicks went over the top by serving the salad in mini Chinese take out boxes with chopsticks. Adorable!!  The customers LOVED it.  {Trust me, I’ll be making it for my family as soon as I get home!}

The store is perfectly positioned next to a happening restaurant, The Cheddar Box. We are delighted that the owner/chef will be offering dishes from The Happy Everything Cookbook on their menu next week! Yay!

After signing many cookbooks, platters, ornaments and attachments {even a cookbook that’s headed to Germany!} we took a moment to appreciate the team spirit that permeates Louisville…

Next, we were off to our final Kentucky destination…Dee’s. We were greeted by Lori from Dee’s completely dressed up in an elf outfit and our Coton Colors rep Alison! How cute! Every time Lori took a step cheery jingle bells sounded. She sure knows how to put on a party!! 

Yummy Apple Cake, warm Chili, savory Chipotle Pecans, Sugared Ginger Cookies and Buttery Pound Cake with Nutella Swirl were on the menu! Delish!!

Dee’s is a HUGE, and I mean huge, store that has a wonderful offering of just about everything {especially HAPPY everything!}.

Want a Derby Hat {we are in Kentucky remember…}? No problem, You can choose from the hundreds of designs they have created or have one made special, one of a kind to match your dress. And remember that team spirit that I mentioned before? It’s here at Dee’s too! Need University of Kentucky gift items? Or how about U of L? No problem, they have an entire selection and several loaded up Christmas trees covered in any ornament you could want {especially Coton Colors ornaments!}. The displays are wonderful and there is plenty of space to browse…

We started the event off with our ‘Tidings from a Christmas Kitchen’ demonstration where we showed customers how to ‘wrap up’ special gifts of all types for the holiday season. We hope they left a little bit more empowered to keep it simple and will enjoy gathering together to easily create extra special tidings from their own kitchens.

We had some audience participation on this one…

They were listening so intently they forgot to smile! I promise we were having fun!! 

It was wonderful signing books and meeting all of the great customers that have collected Coton Colors through the years as well as making new friends. I am so appreciative and humbled by their support of my product.

She was making her list and checking it twice!! Look how many attachments she has…

Lorie’s customers are so much fun and really had a great time - we shared many laughs with them!!

We even had cusomters leave the Breeders Cup Horse Race to get books signed!!!!  Look at the mud on their boots…

It is such a treat for me to hear feedback and I just love the inspiration I am gathering. Can’t wait to get back to designing…no wait. I am having way too much fun out on the road!!

We hate to leave Kentucky. What a warm, welcome reception we have had here. We have left behind a promise to return during racing season {if they’ll have us}. We are heading back home for a few days but will be anxious to get back on the road.

Up next: Houston….here we come.

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