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Cookbook Signings :: Day 3

Mon, November 7, 2011

We set off on the early morning flight (up at 5) and flew up to Lexington. Brrrr…it’s cold in Kentucky!  But so, so lovely.  Loved passing all of the Keeneland bronzed horses.  We knew we were not in Florida anymore as we drove to one of Kristin’s very favorite stores for our first signing of the day… Two Chicks and Co.

The owners, Barbara and Alison showed Kristin the love when she was a road warrior rep for Coton Colors years ago, and she was anxious to see how their stores have evolved and changed. The store is set in a house so imagine how cute it is with front porch and all.  Boy….was it happening at Two Chicks Lexington!!

We quickly got busy signing and talking to the many happy customers she invited to their Get Happy party.  They leave no stone unturned… the store was PACKED with all types of fun products and completely decked for Christmas. It definitely puts you in the mood for the holidays!  We met many, many loyal Happy Everything customers including the one pictured below who has every single attachment and item in the happy everything collection!! We are so appreciative as these are the customers who have supported and inspired me to create more and more!   Thank you!

We enjoyed fine service from the adorable mayor of the town, really….who does that?  {Well…Alison is married to him so I guess he is kinda obligated}.  We met fun, fun people and signed lots and lots of books! And who can resist a Happy Everything cookie!?!

The sweet customer pictured below rushed to the party from work so she could meet Laura and Susie and get 5 books signed!!

The customer below couldn’t resist the Premier Scarecrow attachment! How perfect for the fall!!

Alison even recruited her mother-in-law and sister-in-law to come and be part of the Get Happy party!!! Thanks guys!!

Now off to another super store…Something Special.  Owner, Debbie, is such a wonderfully, funny, sweet person and I just love spending time with her.  She has wonderful store help too!

Delicious Apple Cake was the perfect fit for this crisp, fall night and was very much enjoyed. We met many customers and signed lots of books. A highlight was meeting Paula, a longtome customer who has collected Coton Colors pottery for a long while.   Thanks for the encouragement of keeping polka dot plates in our line! We will! She told us of her four daughters and their interest in Coton Colors. Thanks girls!!  I have three daughters and I loved talking about the many weddings their family has been through during recent years. I was so glad to learn that they can be seen on some wedding blogs and I can’t wait to take a peek!!

One cute college age staffer has a boyfriend who, along with another adorable friend, served up delicious dishes cooked from the cookbook.  It is unusual to find twenty-something cute boys bear the Coton Colors products {except for our warehouse staff back home} so we had fun!!

Here he is signing one to Susie’s daughter Kate {pictured on the page with the peaches}! 

They even bought copies for their mothers and grandmothers… good boys!!

Finally, we enjoyed meeting Debbie’s daughter who is a middle school teacher, bless her heart. I remember when my girls were in middle school, whew!  What a delight we had during our evening signing.  A lovely place with lovely people - such a treat. Thank you for having us! Thanks to everyone for such a warm bluegrass welcome!

After our trip we have become official Kentucky experts, so we’re happy to share what we’ve learned…

You know you’re in the bluegrass state when:

  • In the ladies room you can watch the horse races on a tv when washing your hands!
  • You look right and left and see nothing but rolling hills and miles and miles of beautifully painted fencing. {Did I mention my next goal is a horse farm?}
  • Every tree is on fire with fall colors and the air is chilly and the sun is shining. I am certain it is like this here every day…aren’t you?
  • You are blessed with loyal wonderful customers who leave the breeders cup racing to come meet us and have us sign cookbooks, with mud on their boots!! Horse race fans at their finest!!

Now on to a good ole Kentucky steakhouse {yum!} then into bed to get ready for another day of fun in Kentucky… We have heard so much great feedback on the road and we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback too! Tell us what you think about the NEW Happy Everything Cookbook in the comments below and you could WIN a signed copy of the cookbook! Share on Facebook, twitter or your blog for additional entries. Good luck!!


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