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Coming Soon, The Coton Colors Annual Warehouse Sale

Mon, October 2, 2017

It’s almost time for one of our most favorite events of the year, our Annual Warehouse Sale! We’ve been holding our Warehouse Sale in Tallahassee for nearly ten years – and it’s grown into a much-anticipated shopping event for our customers in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. Though it seems like the reach grows more and more each year – we had attendees from all throughout Alabama and Georgia attend last year and some shoppers from Texas shop with us in 2015! We love opening up our warehouse to give these customers a peek into the fun that happens there while shopping the best sale of the year. Think Black Friday shopping, minus the early morning wake up and adding your favorite Coton Colors and Happy Everything! products and a happy bomb or two. (Not sure what a happy bomb is? You may just have to attend to find out…)

One question we always get when we’re at the Warehouse Sale is, “What happens when the sale is over? And what do you guys do in the space after the sale?” It's fun to explain the other parts of our business to Warehouse Sale shoppers to share what happens in our warehouse the outside of the best sale of the year.

Sure, the Warehouse Sale is a busy and hectic time for Coton Colors, but the reality is, our warehouse is filled with just as much hustle and bustle the other 360 days of the year. The primary function of our Tallahassee Fulfillment Center (our fancy name for the warehouse) is to receive all of our inventory from artisans who manufacture our designs all throughout the world, house all of our products, and ship out orders to customers throughout the world. Not only do we ship orders to customers when they shop on and, but also to more than 3,000 retailers that sell Coton Colors products so they too can share our products and Coton Colors lifestyle with their customers. It’s here that we personalize many, many ornaments for customers to trim their trees each holiday season, where we ship Coton Colors merchandise you find at your favorite retailers, and where we receive all of our products created by artisans all over the world who create our designs. We love that we’re able to open up our busy warehouse to shoppers for just a few days each fall to experience the best sale of the year, but also the excitement of #atypicalCCday at the warehouse.

P.S., We wanted to share a little something special with our avid blog readers who will be attending the Tallahassee Warehouse Sale this year. Comment on this post and show it one of our crew members when you are checking out at the sale and you’ll get a free gift!


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