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Christmas in March?!?

Tue, March 22, 2011

Whew!  I can’t believe it’s Tuesday and I am still recovering from a fun-filled roadtrip with the Coton Colors Art Team this past weekend.  Where to, you ask?  Well, we loaded up the car and traveled to Tampa, FL to see Kenny Chesney {and friends} in concert!

This concert has been highly anticipated around here since December of last year.  You see, last Christmas I encouraged all of our team leaders to get their crew something meaningful from Coton Colors. That’s where this story begins…

The members of the Art Team at Coton Colors are all big Pandora Internet Radio fans.   The Art Team includes myself, Paige {our Art Director}, Kyle {my daughter and an Artist}, Lisa {an Art Assistant} and Meryl K {another fab Art Assistant}.

We all really love to listen to music online while we design new products, but sometimes it can be tricky to play something that everyone can enjoy as background music.  Last December we were going through a Zac Brown Band phase {well, we’re still in it} when Paige heard about an upcoming concert in Tampa featuring Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band and Billy Currington. Paige snatched up 5 tickets the morning that they went on sale and presented them to the art team for Christmas…but the concert wasn’t until March!

Fast forward to last Saturday…  We left Tallahassee Saturday morning on a beautiful, blue sky, Florida spring day.  We all rode together in my car, ready for adventure and a good time!  Kyle was our DJ the entire way & kindly accommodated all of our requests to hear our ‘favorite’ songs. All was well until we reached Gainesville & a major diet coke spill/flood {as in, a FULL XL Chick-fil-a diet coke} all over me, the center console & floor of my freshly detailed car.  Ugh!!  The good news is it was truly the only low-point of the trip, thankfully!!

When we arrived to our hotel, our room wasn’t ready, so we changed clothes in the hotel restroom, hit the store for some libations, hopped in a cab & off we went!  When we got to the concert venue it was more like a big tailgate party.  Tampa isn’t too far from Tallahassee so it wasn’t surprising that we ran into several people we knew. One crazy coincidence was running into my nephew Boo and his wife Stephanie, and my niece Brie and her husband Adam.  Needless to say there was lots of squealing & screaming excitement! ;) We also had a blast mixing up some tasty margaritas with Meryl K’s sister and her fiance’… yum!

Once we got to our seats there was lots of dancing, singing & screaming…we were lucky to have fun neighbors sitting in front of us because you know how loud the Coton Colors gals can be! I have to say it was a unanimous consensus that Zac stole the show…we LOVED him!!!  (sorry, Kenny!)
The concert started at 4:30 & went on until after 11, so as you can imagine we were starving when we left. We were feeling like a midnight snack so we treated ourselves to some fine dining at the iHop. {In case you’re wondering what to order there, Meryl K recommends the 2-2-2!} After our fancy meal we were well overdue for some beauty sleep.  I can’t tell you how thrilled we were when our little heads hit the pillows…concerts are exhausting! We woke up refreshed {& beautiful!} on Sunday morning & decided that a girls’ trip couldn’t be complete without a little shopping.  A few hours later we emerged from Ikea & loaded our big blue bags into the car & headed home with the Sunday blues. All I can say now as I am home and recovering from the fun and festivities is…

Merry Christmas Art Team, it was well worth the wait!!!!


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