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Carve Out Some Time to Celebrate :: Carved Inspiration

Thu, September 25, 2014


Pumpkin Carving is a BIG Event in my family – we always hit the Pumpkin Patch in the very beginning of October so we can enjoy the pumpkins all month long. As you may recall from the Patch Line inspiration, you can bet your bottom dollar Mary Parker will choose the perfectly plump pumpkin, while Sara Kate usually hand picks a narrower, taller pumpkin with ample carving space, and I have grown a reputation for choosing what’s been tagged as the “Ugly Pumpkin” – or one that probably would be one of the last chosen. I love choosing the ugly pumpkin because it usually has super unique features that make carving a fun task!

Now the design inspiration has continued to include our second gathering, hence the name “Carved”. A few weeks after the pumpkins get to their new home, we gather together again at Mom and Dad’s to chow down on chili and carve up our chosen gourds. While supper is simmering on the stove, we spread newspaper out on the back porch, gather our tools, and get to work brainstorming a carving design. Whether it’s an image to signify a big happening from the year, or a friendly Jack-O-Lantern face, we always draw something original! As we’ve grown older, our pumpkin designs have become a little simpler, as there have been times when the ambitious carver was stuck outside sawing away much longer than anticipated.

Once the carving process is complete, we arrange the finished products on the front porch steps and step back and admire their glow. The Carved Line was inspired by exactly that - our family’s front porch stoop on a dark Halloween night – a gathering of pumpkins – various shapes and sizes all lit up and ready to greet Trick-or-Treaters.


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