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Cane’s Story

Mon, May 20, 2019

It’s no secret that we love our pets here at Coton Colors. So it only makes sense to celebrate National Rescue Dog Day with a sweet “gotcha” story from Milton Johnson, Laura’s husband. Read on to hear the first hand {and incredible!} story of Cane, a pup found amidst the rubble of Hurricane Michael who now lives the good life with his forever family. 

“Shortly after Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida panhandle, my sister went down to the coast to bring supplies to the devastated area where we had family and friends dealing with the aftermath of the storm. During the cleanup, she noticed a small Boykin Spaniel had been hanging around their home for a few days. After inquiring, she was told that the dog had returned day after day with no family in sight. Our last family dog was a Boykin, so my sister instantly thought of me and called to ask if we would be interested in adopting the little dog. My sister nudged me a little {ok, a lot} and gave him his freedom ride home one Sunday while I was golfing, and before I got home, my daughter, Kyle, had already bathed and brushed him. We agreed to give it a “test drive” since we already had other pets to consider, but from that very first day, we knew that he was a keeper. We pondered over a name for a few days, but it seemed as though “Cane” was the only logical choice.  We would have never have been connected to him if it hadn’t been for Hurricane Michael.” - Milton Johnson, Laura’s husband

This story, plus more from our followers, can be found in the latest issue of Toast Magazine {which just dropped last week!}. Not already on the list? Sign up here to receive your free copy!


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