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Astrology Zodiac Sign Gift Guide: Cancer

Mon, June 22, 2020

1. Signature White Ruffle Cream and Sugar Set // 2.  Blush Notch Tray // 3. Neutral Nouveau Coupe Bowl Set of 3 // 4. Blush Notch Square Frame // 5. Cancer Book {available at Atlanta and Tampa Flagship Stores} // 6. Blush Layered Arabesque 9" Footed Bowl // 7. Zodiac Mug - Cancer // 8. Blush Tube Vases Set of 3 // 9. Signature White Ruffle Dinner Plate // 10. Zodiac Square Trinket Bowl - Cancer // 11. Feed Your People cookbook {available at Flagship Stores} // 12. Signature White Ruffle Mug Set of 4 // 13. White Floral Salad Plate Set of 4 // 14. Signature White 11" Ruffle Best Bowl // 15. Gold Coffee Table {available at Atlanta Flagship Stores}

It's time to celebrate Cancer signs! Born June 21–July 22, Cancers are generally described as tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, and persuasive. Their glyph represents their naturally intuitive instincts and compassion. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our style and gift guide based on this zodiac sign. Want the full range of gifting options? View and shop them all in our Astrological Zodiac Cancer Style Shop.

Zoom _MG_7568.jpg

One of our favorite picks for Cancers are, of course, this sign's pieces in our Astrological Zodiac Collection. Featuring a fun color combination and the unmistakable glyph, these Mug and Trinket Bowl allow them to display their Cancer pride!

Cancers always take an opportunity to dress up, but it is never "stuffy." They are drawn to clean lines and classic pieces. They favor a sophisticated and classy style.

Zoom DSC_6883.jpg

In favor of more natural colors, Cancers would love our timeless Signature White Collection features a clean color palette of white and light cream hand-painted brushstrokes for an artisanal look.

Zoom _MG_9307.jpg

The gentle curves of our signature ruffle edges bring forth a casual elegance to a dinner table, china cabinet, or home décor.

Zoom SIG-R13BB-WHT11.jpg

The Signature White 11" Ruffle Best Bowl is called the "best" for a reason. It provides a stunning presentation for side dishes, salads, and more, plus its versatility makes it a staple in any kitchen.

Zoom SIG-RCNS-WHT_1.jpg

Our Signature White Ruffle Cream and Sugar Set elevates any morning or afternoon coffee break. The polished look and ruffle details add a striking touch that will catch anyone's eye – especially Cancers.

Zoom DSC_7021.jpg

Even if your Cancer friend isn't a top chef, one of their favorite things to do is sharing a meal with loved ones. The Signature White Ruffle Dinner Plate provides an elegant backdrop to a home-cooked meal for the family or takeout during girls' night. 

Zoom DSC_4595-2.jpgZoom DSC_4613-2.jpg

The texturized pattern on the white color tones of the White Floral Salad Plate and White Palm Salad Plate makes this a favorite for Cancers. The hand-drawn design brings grace to any table setting since the neutral palette effortlessly goes with anything.

Zoom WHT-8SPL-FLR-S4.jpg

Not to mention, any of our dinnerware can be purchased as a set of 4 matching pieces to save over 10%. Our sets make for a special gift from a dear friend or a great present for groups to go in on together.

Zoom DSC_1277.jpg

One of Cancer sign's favorite things to do it enjoy a good meal with friends. Not only do sets allow them to host {and save} in style, but our Neutral Nouveau Coupe Bowls add a polished look to their kitchen prep space. 

Zoom DSC_5343_2.jpg

They are also great for serving culinary delights or storing fruits. {P.S. These bowls are available separately in three sizes or as a set of three.}

A girls' night wouldn't be complete without the food of course! The Feed Your People cookbook shares a variety of big-batch recipes from chefs who have a passion for creating a community with their foods. Cancers cherish sharing meals, whether that means testing out some recipes or ordering some takeout, they can still do it in style with beautiful dining and serveware pieces. This cookbook is only available at our Flagship Stores

Elegance is key for Cancers and this Gold Coffee Table {available in our Atlanta Flagship Store} does that to a "T". This expertly handcrafted and hand-finished table features two shelves and a mirrored bottom for a traditional yet contemporary style – not to mention the gold leaf accents instantly elevate any room.

Cancers have an eye for detail, favoring subtle yet intricate details that speak to their appreciation for polished and poised pieces. Gift them serveware and home décor pieces from our Blush Collection for a gift they'll love. It's the perfect feminine neutral that also lends intricate patterns will bring a more playful look to the neutral color palette they adore.

Zoom DSC_0014.jpg

Pick their favorite flowers and place them in the Blush Tube Vases Set of 3 for a thoughtful gift {with a vase they will actually want to keep and use again!}

Zoom LA-9FB-BS_5.jpg

The Blush Layered Arabesque 9" Footed Bowl and Blush Notch Tray double as serveware, storage, and home décor pieces.

Zoom DSC_0236.jpg

When not used for entertaining these pieces can be displayed throughout the home for a "pop" of color.

Zoom DSC_0081_2-V2.jpg

Capture their cherished memories in the Blush Notch Square Frame for a gift they'll love to look at each and every day. It's a polished addition to their home office, living room, or bedside table.

Find out more about this sign with this beautiful coffee table book about Cancers, available at our Flagship Stores in Atlanta and Tampa. Enjoy some light reading to learn how this sign grows from child to adult, fits in at school and at work, and functions as a friend, parent, and more. Pick this book up to see test if your Cancer friends fit this description.

Looking for another sign? Our Atlanta and Tampa Flagship Stores carry all of the sign's books in this series.

Shop gift suggestions for Cancers in your life or treat yourself in the Cancer Style Shop.


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