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Laura On: St. Jude Red Wagon Ornament

Wed, March 4, 2020

Red wagons have always been a fond memory of childhood. The receiving of a red wagon marked a major milestone in each of my daughters' lives and they became staples in our garage. From toting them around for Halloween candy to neighborhood walks, these wagons hold some of our most treasured memories.

On one of my trips to lead an art therapy session at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®, I saw this beloved icon of childhood in a brand new light.

The fleet of red wagons serves as the littlest patients' preferred mode of travel. This simple yet loving gesture creates a sense of normalcy throughout the hospital halls.

Seeing these strong children wheeled to their next appointment or room with smiling faces amazed me. During such dark times, this simple red wagon was able to provide them a safe way to travel while uplifting and bringing joy.

Many of the faces riding along on the red wagons were the same age as my daughters and close family children. I felt driven to teach them about giving to others and share the amazing work that is done at St. Jude. I eagerly wanted to know more about these red wagons and quickly learned that a donation of just $100 provides a new red wagon. I donated $100 in each of their names so a new red wagon would be provided to the kids at the hospital.

I wanted to give my family members something tangible to remember the donation. I searched and searched for something to commemorate it but nothing seemed quite special enough to honor it – so I decided to create my own!

This inspiration sparked the design of the St. Jude Red Wagon Ornament

The darling red wagon illustration, white polka dots, and black gingham ribbon make this both a meaningful and beautiful gift that I continue to give again and again.

The St. Jude logo on the back of the ornament makes it recognizable to those who know of this hospital tradition or a point of conversation for the gift-giver or receiver to share this message with others. P.S. The top of each gift box also explains the story behind the red wagon!

I purposefully left space on the back for this ornament to be easily personalized with a name, date, or thoughtful message in our Personalization Shop so others can share what makes them so special.  

Now in the 19th year of our partnership with St. Jude, I always strive to find new ways to give back. My favorite part about the St. Jude Red Wagon Ornament is not just what it stands for, but that the Coton Colors Company proudly donates $6 to St. Jude with each purchase.

I spot this ornament on the family trees and on ornament stands throughout the year. It serves as a symbol of the donation and inspires hope in our day-to-day lives.


Learn more about our partnership with St. Jude here.

Interested in supporting St. Jude?

  • Click here to shop the St. Jude Red Wagon Ornament – the gift that gives back. 
  • Donate to support St. Jude's mission to end childhood cancer. 


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