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Beat those Back to School Blues!

Mon, August 8, 2011

Not ready for the summer to end?  I can remember when my girls were little I felt like August always flew by. Before we knew it it was time to trade in bare feet for backpacks and lazy days for lunch boxes. Getting the girls prepared for the change of pace was a challenge, but we spent the last few weeks of summer doing some themed crafts that got us all in the spirit of school!

For little ones who will be riding the bus for the first time this year, it is fun to make a “family school bus”. Just use construction paper to cut out a bus shape and place your family photos in the windows. Let your child take it to school in their backpack and they’ll feel like you’re riding with them!

Or, you could whip up some sweet school bus cupcakes for dessert the night before school starts. These are fun and your kids can help decorate their school bus with wheels and a stop sign!

I also used to get really excited about surprising the girls with notes in their lunches.  Check out this super cute apple printable that you can cut out and decorate with an apple jacks “worm”!

And finally, here’s how we know that school time is here…  the Happy Everything bus arrives!

How does your family prepare for school days??  Leave us a comment and you could win a bus attachment to send off your students in style!!


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