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Baby it’s COLD outside!

Wed, January 12, 2011

How many of you know that Coton Colors has an amazing showroom at Americasmart in Atlanta, GA?  Every January and July we all travel to Atlanta to meet with retail buyers and show off the new additions to our line.

I can’t wait to share some photos of the showroom with you, but first you have to see the treacherous weather we experienced this week as we were getting prepared for market.  We knew that snow was coming to Atlanta, and for us Florida girls that was somewhat exciting.  Little did we know just how much snow we would have to deal with…

Above is Meghan and Charis during our first night in Atlanta.  Meghan is our amazing Product Manager who coordinates our products all over the world, and Charis is our in-house Sales Rep extraordinaire who works with many of our retail stores.  They were smiling because it had just started to snow!!  Look how much had fallen already…

Here’s Charis again with Linley, our Marketing Manager and Photographer.  {Linley asks that you excuse the quality of these photos…  they were taken with my iPhone!} It was snowing so bad that first night that we had to walk to a restaurant down the street from our hotel for dinner - we couldn’t drive anywhere!

Did I mention that we are Florida girls?!?  Here is Ashley, our Operations Director, making a beautiful snow angel. {When she stood up and was soaking wet she slightly regretted the angel making.} We really enjoyed the snow that first night, but the next morning…

The novelty of the snow quickly wore off when we had make our way to market downtown.  Since we couldn’t drive, we had to walk to the Marta station one block down from our hotel.  It was pretty scary walking on the ice while carrying/dragging our paperwork and materials for market with us in suitcases and carts.  Not cool. Above is Linley and Meghan with Kristin, our incredible National Sales Director and market magic maker! These girls are tough!!

Here’s the crew at the Marta station where we waited 45 minutes for a train to come and take us to the showroom.  What a morning.  Now we are all wondering when  this winter weather will let up?!?  With snow in 49 of the 50 states this week, it is not looking good.  Which state didn’t get snow…  that’s right, Florida.  Home sweet home.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some shots of the showroom as we get ready to kick off 2011 with some of the cutest new Coton Colors products you’ve ever seen.  Be sure to check back and we might just give you a sneak peek…


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