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Annual After-Christmas Beach Week

Sat, January 3, 2015


We are three days into 2015 (crazy, right?) and I’m unpacked from our beach trip and settling into my routine. I’m feeling so ready to take on the New Year, and I’ve got our annual beach week to thank for it. Every year, we pack up the car the day after Christmas and my WHOLE family (and our seven dogs) head to the beach to ring in the New Year. It’s definitely one of my favorite family trips. It’s filled with tons of food, games and family bonding. I mean how can you not bond when you, your sisters and your cousins share the downstairs bedroom and bathroom at the beach house. Yes, you read that right - six girls and one bathroom. Quality bonding.

There is a fire going from the minute we get there until we leave, and the house is filled with so much warmth and love. All the girls in the family come prepared, each with a new recipe we’ve been wanting to try, and we take turns cooking for the group. It’s always fun to see what recipe everyone brings to the table, especially what recipes mom and Aunt Marcie have up their sleeves. They’ve got some fine-tuned cooking skills. This year, I made Ina Garten’s greek panzanella, and it was AWESOME. You really should try it.

We shoot skeet, play Wii bowling and end every night with a family game of black jack, where G-daddy (our grandpa) is dealer. He insists. This year, dad won best skeet shooter, and mom won best Wii bowler (for the second year in the row.) We typically take a day trip over to Apalachicola (pictured above) for only the best oysters (also pictured - YUM) you can find. No really. They’re world-renowned. And on New Year’s Eve we have a festive dinner complete with stone crabs and a lantern release at midnight.


There is tons of fun family time, but we all always make it a point to each take time to ourselves to reflect on the prior year and plan for the year ahead, so we come back feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to take on the next 365 days. To me, it’s really the only way I’d want to kick off a new year – salty air and family.

How did you get ready to take on the new year?

- Sara Kate


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