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All About Our Signature Candles

Mon, April 27, 2020

Candles may just be one of our favorite décor items. Not only do they instantly transform a space with their fragrance, but they are also our go-to piece to add a finishing touch to any coffee table or side table. 

You, too, can bring a celebratory feeling to your home with our custom scented candles. They are the perfect addition to any space {and make a great gift!} Plus, once the wax melts away, you are left with a stylish bowl for future use. 

Available year-round in our Flagship Stores and on our website, our signature Celebrate candles feature a light, airy scent with crisp floral undertones. During the winter, our much-anticipated Holiday scented candles are available to get you in the spirit. 

Our candles come in varying designs, shapes, and sizes to fit any style or space. 

Have you finished burning your candle? Here's how to remove the wax: 

  1. Once you burn the candle down, set the oven to 200 degrees. 
  2. Put the candle in the oven and wait until the wax melts. 
  3. Take the candle out of the oven {careful, it's hot!} and use a dull knife or a pair of pliers to pry and remove the wick holder from the bottom of the bowl carefully
  4. Wipe the interior of the bowl out with a paper towel to remove the melted wax and get the bowl as clean as possible. 
  5. Wash the bowl with regular dish soap and water. Then, you can start using the bowl for serving or decorating.

Find our custom scented candles online and in our Flagship Stores in Atlanta, Tallahassee, and Tampa. Contact our stores about delivery, curbside pickup, and shipping.


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