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Add a Spark to Your July 4th Celebration!

Tue, July 2, 2013

Watermelon… I mean really, who doesn’t love summer’s favorite fruit?

After all, watermelon is an American classic. Delightful and refreshing, it seems to be a staple at most July 4th celebrations. It’s an undeniable crowd-pleaser, perfect for guests of all ages and easy to serve at BBQs, picnics, pool parties or even the beach. But this year, we recommend kicking it up a notch with, shall we say, a more adult flavor. 


We love the old stand-bys {beer and wine}, but our Watermelon Margaritas will add a little spark and flair to your July 4th affair. Think cool and colorful, simple and scrumptious. Sip, savor, and enjoy the recipe below! Click here to download, and get ready to serve.



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