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A Memorable Mother’s Day

Tue, April 20, 2010

From April 21st until May 3rd Coton Colors is offering buy one get one free on our pink and green monogram mugs. Whenever your Mom uses her personalized mug to sip her favorite beverage she’ll remember her favorite child too!

Add a sweet crafty touch by including hand-made tea bags.

TOOLS AND MATERIALS Loose tea Cheesecloth, cut into 8-inch squares Cotton string Scissors Craft punches in different shapes Card stock, plain or patterned Hole punch or screw punch Gift box Craft glue


1. Choose loose teas, and create desired blends. Place 2 tablespoons toward top edge of a cheesecloth square.

2. Roll up cheesecloth. Gather ends of bundle to create a pouch, and tie closed with cotton string. Repeat to create more tea bags.

3. Make a tag for each flavor using craft punches and card stock. Punch a hole in the center of each tag. Thread tea-bag strings through each tag, and knot.

4. Place tea bags in a gift box and bask in the glow of the cutest Mother’s Day gift ever…


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