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A Magic Happy Birthday

Thu, August 22, 2019

There are few things as special or as memorable as birthday parties - especially those involving a little bit of magic. Whether you're turning 5 or 50, birthdays are one of the most important celebrations in life {plus, who doesn't love an excuse for cake and presents?!}.

This year, take your party planning to the next level with an enchanting Magic Happy birthday celebration. Featuring charming themed décor {hello, Unicorn and Rainbow Attachments!} and a wonderfully whimsical {and easy to make!} cake, this birthday will be one for the books.

For the décor:

For the cake (courtesy of The Bearfoot Baker)

  • 1 store-bought cake of your choice with white frosting
  • Extra white frosting 
  • Food gel colors of your choice
  • Decorating bags and 1M decorating tips
  • Sprinkles
  • Unicorn Cake Face Kit (we like this kit from Amazon)


  • Begin by dividing extra frosting into bowls to create your accent colors
  • Gradually add food gel color into the individual bowls of frosting and mix until your desired color is achieved
  • Trim the top off of the decorating bags and add on your 1M decorating tips
  • Fill each bag with one accent color and begin making swirl roses with your colored frosting for the mane of your unicorn cake
  • Once you have finished frosting your cake, add the horn, ears, and lashes to complete the look

Place the finished cake on a cake stand, top with sprinkles, and you're ready for the most magical birthday ever!

Happy celebrating!



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